Thursday, September 4, 2008

Autumn Thunder

I hate to take any attention off of Ben Folds Five day, but today is also a great day for other reasons. Yes it is the day when the NFL season kicks off and even more importantly, the Fantasy Football season. I am a FFL junkie. However the league in which I have played the most is slowly declining. Owner interest is down. The smackboard is deader than my dead great grandmother. I tried to spice up the league this year and was told by the infamous Dogface "some of us don't have 3 hours per day to dedicate to fantasy football." Well shame on you Dogface. You make that kind of time.

One of the reasons I think I enjoy FFL so much is that I used to be a NFL video game fanatic. These days I believe it is easier for grown men (and women for my FFL loving females out there) to say, "sorry honey just finishing up some work and checking my email" as we actually tinker with our lineups each night. If we were sitting on the couch with a controller in our hand playing XBox that doesn't go over nearly as well to our spouses when there are lawns to be mowed, kids to be bathed and dishes to be done.

FFL and Roto Leagues have been around for years. However, I've only been playing FFL now for about 8 years. I wish I had been playing since I was 12 years old but that would be a lie. Had I been playing during those golden years of mine I would have most definitely done anything I could to include the following player on my roster. Yea, even the greatest athlete of all time. Who cares if he isn't real, to anyone who once played entire seasons of Tecmo Super Bowl in mere days, he is all to real. I present to you - Tecmo Bo - the Greatest Football Player of All Time.


Corbie said...

I am in a league with Ammon and I had to let the thing auto-draft my team and it sucks so bad that I know Ammon rigged it. My other league, the team I hand selected ala-auction-draft style - taking home the trophy without a doubt!

This is the second best day of the year! The first is the last day of my FF league when I win the championship. Distant third through sixth are my kids birthdays, my anniversary, blah blah know the drill - gotta say it lest the old man gets emotional.

brohammas said...

I once had Howie Long lead the league in interceptions and i didn't even own a Nintendo.

Marcus Allen, that Bum, used to run 50 yeards then just cough the ball up for no reason.

Jake Orton almost stopped talking to me when I snuck into his room, started his season, and got Thurman Thomas injured.

Ahhh the good old days.

tristanjh said...


Just out of curiosity, how long is 50 yeards?

The only intelligent comment I can leave in regards to football is this: Boise State Rules!

brohammas said...

everyone knows a yeard is a measure of both distance and time, usually used when it is taking 'a' unusually long time to go 'a' extremely short distance.

Boise Sate may Rock, but they don't rule.

Fantasy Football is almost cool, but anything dealing with football that ignores defense and makes lineman irrelevant, by defanition sucks. You might as well put flags on these guys and play on Wednesdays.

Spammon said...

There are very few videos that bring tears to my eyes, and that just became one of them. Tecmo Bowl was truly the greatest football game ever. Bo was clearly the games bad ass. Followed up by Eric 'The Dick' Dickerson.

Corbie CHOSE to let it auto-draft for her. If you are going to let it auto-draft, don't piss and moan that you didn't get the players you want. You're going down, and you're going down hard. Deal with it.

Corbie said...

Listen, Ammon, because of my respect for (crazy?) Sue, I am going to refrain from calling you profane names here (can't promise the same on your blog or mine). Yes, I left it on auto-draft because something major came up at WORK - I know it is a foreign concept to you but some of us have to work occasionally. We all can't sit around like you,
, and dress up in ill-fitting children's game attire. We'll see who goes down. I will make this motley team of mine shine like the top of the chrysler building (that was a quote from the musical 'Annie'. I figured Kirk would admit to loving something such as this tonight so I would just get things off to a rockin' start).

Spammon said...

There's always and excuse...I really expect to see some points put up by your 4 kickers.

Corbie said...

Bite it Ammon. And Mr. Computer Whiz (yeah, stupid Ammon) has informed me that the link doesn't work if you aren't using internet explorer. Only because it is worth everyone seeing him looking like a ding-dong (on the job, nonetheless), I am posting the full link here. Cut, paste, do whatever you gotta do - but go to his wife Lindsey's blog and see what this fellow does for pay. It is almost envy inducing until you really look at the photo and picture yourself in that get-up. And I am a woman who likes choice, Ammon - four kickers suit me just fine. Plus, they allow for a whole lot of arse kickin' (sorry Sue) come week 4.

Dogface said...


I use this blog for one selfish reason, the glorification and betterment of Dogface ON ESPN FANTASY FOOTBALL. Period.

I don't check in and when I do because I can't get the awesome artwork of Dogface posted to ESPN what do I see??? To my befuddlement my good name is taken in vain. Huh?

KG Please don’t take every childhood memory we had and mock them to scorn, not with me. Who has been in the FFL for those 8 long years? DOGFACE. Who was at such low rent venues as the Zephyr, yea even the Joint to bask in Ben Folds Five love? DOGFACE. Who played every lousy day of Tecmo bowl with you, throwing in such lines as CLAYTON, foghorn Leghorn and Eric "Dick", much to the chagrin of a then, disapproving holier than thou SOB little bother? DOGFACE. Who was at that Neil concert when love was in the air? DOGFACE. Who was trying to get you action with ladies before you even knew what that meant? DOGFACE. Who was at every important event that ever happened in your life until you were like 25? DOG FRIGGIN FACE. Man you should be shakin my hand and sayin pleased to meet ya.

Here are your 4:1 odds Coy. I'm OUT!

PS- where is the Mate love? I had some pomelo the other day, not to sour, just right. DANG.

lindsey said...

KG, I don't think we've formally 'met'. I'm Lindsey, wife to Ammon (although I'm hesitant in admitting that)... friend of Corbie (although she may be hesitant in admitting that). I popped in on the Skog Blog on the right day, the right day to boast that is. I beat a bunch of MEN in Ammon's ffl league last year and I plan to do it again this year. The best part... I really don't know jack when it comes to football!

And... I laughed out loud (lol, for you corbie) at "sorry honey just finishing up some work and checking my email", I know that all too well. Ammon just doesn't watch the football games, he sits on the couch with his laptop in his lap, refreshing his ffl page every 10 seconds... while I'm out mowing the lawn, getting our kid bathed and doing the dishes.

Spammon said...

Blah blah blah Linds - Tell everyone who helped your owe me half that trophy.

kg said...

Dogface - Welcome back you sack of crap.

Linds - Welcome to the Skog Blog. Big fan of your work at Random Musings as well as the Daily Knack. Also a Big Fan of your husband. Apparently we are long lost brothers of some sort. Wi-Fi + Laptop + FFL = near divorce every Sept-Dec. I might need a roommate next month so let Spammon know.

lindsey said...

Hope you don't mind a messy house.

kg said...

As long as there is Wi-FI and HDTV I'm pretty sure we can manage.

Spammon said...

I'll even have Little Smokies, Doritos and Mtn. Dew readily available.

kg said...

Dear sweet mother of goodness, I won't even charge you rent. Especially if those Doritos are the Sweet Spicy Chili.