Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Q&A with kg

It's been too long and I have many questions that need answered so let's get to it -

kg, I know you are a fan of LOST.  Can you explain WTW happened on the finale? (Crazy Sue)

My opinion (and that of many others) is this - the island was real.  Everything that happened on the island actually happened.  The sideways life this season was Jack's purgatory that allowed him to come to grips with all of his issues and finally move on to the afterlife.  This alternate universe was only for Jack and each character probably had their own version of a sideways life.  I know, really profound and hard hitting analysis.  That said, I really enjoyed the finale, in fact I can't stop thinking about it.  I wasn't bugged by all of the unsolved mysteries or unresolved questions regarding the island's mythology.  I'm not ready for these characters to be out of my life.  What I'd really like to see is what happened to Hurley and Ben on the island after Jack's mission was complete.  Couldn't they make a new show this fall called, Still LOST and let us see their wacky adventures as the new caretakers of the island?  Make it happen, ABC.

The Jazz season ended once again with a loss to the Lakers.  What can the Jazz do to get over the hump? (Big J)

There are so many what ifs for the Jazz over the past few years.  Because of injuries, the Jazz have yet to put their best team on the floor during the playoffs.  What if Memo didn't tear his achilles tendon?  What if Andrei doesn't strain his calf?  What if Boozer is able to play through his oblique strain and the Jazz beat Phoenix and secure the 2nd seed?  What if Matthews' tip goes in at the end of the game 3 of the Lakers series?  What if Memphis doesn't do the BS trade that sent Gasol to the Lakers and tipped the balance of power in the west back towards the Lakers?  Perhaps it has something to do with all of the LOST alternative universe mumbo jumbo, but here is one last 'what if' that will really blow your mind - What if Kobe Bryant had decided to go to college and not jump right into the NBA after high school?   Did you know that his first choice was Duke?  I hate to think that in some sick and twisted alternate reality I would have been a Kobe fan.  My one saving grace is that I was in Chile when he would have played at Duke so luckily I would have missed seeing him drain jumpers on the hallowed floor of Cameron Indoor Stadium or hitting game winners to beat the Tarheels.  Even still, it makes me want to vomit just thinking about it.  See you in hell, Mr. Bryant.

Is there anything you hate more than the Lakers? (Flanksteak)

No, but a close second is yard work.  When Wheels and I were dating we made a deal that when we got married she would do the yard work and I would clean the house.  However, every time we have lived in a home with a yard Wheels has conveniently been pregnant.  Even though I despise it, I have at least tried to mow the lawn and maintain a semi-respectable yard.  This year it has gotten out of hand.  Our side lawn is a swamp and I fear that our children could end up with malaria or yellow fever.  Even worse, thanks to a neighbor who shall remain nameless (Patty) who let his/her yard go, the Skog yard has turned into a dandelion nursery.  By the time the summer is over there might be a new Public Enemy #1 for the Skogs.  I realize that the above thoughts might have made it sound like Wheels is currently pregnant.  I assure you that she is not.  So why don't I just let her take over the landscaping duties this summer?  Well, because things between the lawn and I have gotten personal.  I will beat this lawn or die trying.  See you in hell, Mr. Lawn.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Somebody Please Call the Fashion Police

I have never been one for fashion.  For example, last week I was quite pleased with myself when I wore a navy blue shirt with dark brown slacks to work. I thought I looked quite sharp. Wheels didn't share my sentiments.  She asked if I had even looked in the mirror before I headed out to work.  Now, granted, most mornings I get dressed in the dark.  However, I'm not even sure that excuse would fly today.  I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and all I can say is, "wow."  Is it possible to be ashamed of being seen with yourself? 

Reasons Why I Look Like The Strange Love Child of Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

1. The only socks I had clean are the grey wool socks that might have looked good with birkenstocks (sp) about 10 years ago.  I believe they are Wheels' socks that she uses for backpacking trips.

2. Black shoes

3. The pants I am wearing are gray but also old and faded. Depending on what I pair them with they can appear somewhat green or blue. They are terrible. There is also a stain on my pantleg from an unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident.

4. The shirt is forest green and a hand me down from my bro in law who is a bit huskier than I and it fits me like a tent.  It's not tucked in. It makes my pants look like some weird green/gray color.

5. I stepped out into the wind with wet hair this morn and my fro is a' kickin.

Your Honor, the Defense rests. I think tonight is laundry night.

UPDATE: I just found out that today is Geek Pride Day and I feel much better about my choice of attire.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to The Skogs

8 Years ago today I married my friend. The one I laugh with... live for... dream with... LOVE. In honor of this special day, you are cordially invited to listen to this playlist of the Greatest Love Songs Ever that I compiled. I hope you enjoy these timeless classics as much as I do.

Love you, Wheels.