Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Somebody Please Call the Fashion Police

I have never been one for fashion.  For example, last week I was quite pleased with myself when I wore a navy blue shirt with dark brown slacks to work. I thought I looked quite sharp. Wheels didn't share my sentiments.  She asked if I had even looked in the mirror before I headed out to work.  Now, granted, most mornings I get dressed in the dark.  However, I'm not even sure that excuse would fly today.  I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and all I can say is, "wow."  Is it possible to be ashamed of being seen with yourself? 

Reasons Why I Look Like The Strange Love Child of Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

1. The only socks I had clean are the grey wool socks that might have looked good with birkenstocks (sp) about 10 years ago.  I believe they are Wheels' socks that she uses for backpacking trips.

2. Black shoes

3. The pants I am wearing are gray but also old and faded. Depending on what I pair them with they can appear somewhat green or blue. They are terrible. There is also a stain on my pantleg from an unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident.

4. The shirt is forest green and a hand me down from my bro in law who is a bit huskier than I and it fits me like a tent.  It's not tucked in. It makes my pants look like some weird green/gray color.

5. I stepped out into the wind with wet hair this morn and my fro is a' kickin.

Your Honor, the Defense rests. I think tonight is laundry night.

UPDATE: I just found out that today is Geek Pride Day and I feel much better about my choice of attire.


Wheels said...

There's laundry clean. You just have to guess which baskets are the clean ones.
My face hurts from laughing. I would've pulled something more esthetically pleasing from the bottom of the hamper before I'd wear that garb.

Jen said...

You realize you are giving mom palpitations, but she probably already has 45 batches of laundry done from sneaking into your house because she couldn't take it any longer. Nice outfit.

Corbie said...

Your willingness to provide photo evidence of your sad fashion sense had to be the best part of all. And I'm with Wheels - at our house, there's plenty of clean laundry if you're willing to scour the baskets and dig deep for it.

Wheels said...


brohammas said...

1st, you stated that those grey socks may have looked good with Birkenstocks ten years ago? Dude, wearing socks with sandals is never good. Yes, I have done it. I was young and foolish and have since repented.

Does the state of Utah know what a hipster is? Google hipster, get yourself some skinny jeans and move to Brooklyn. Your look will be ironic and you will feel at home.

Cleaqn clothes are sooo last week (thats a pun, just so ya know)