Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Night - the Album You Should Be Listening To RIGHT NOW!

Labor Day, September 1st. The summer is pretty well over. Are you bummed out? Depressed? Happy because the kids are going back to school? Well leave it to old KG to help ease the pain or make the joy even better. I have an album for you that will allow you to enjoy Summer all year round.

Before you laugh, I ask for some patience and an open mind. The album is "Life" by the Cardigans. Yes the Cardigans. The band that brought us 'Love Fool.' I know what most of you are thinking, "The Cardigans are one hit wonders... I really liked Love Fool the first 10,000 times I heard it but now it makes me want to punch someone in the face..." Well good news the song 'Love Fool' is not on this album. Life was released in 1995 and was pre-Love Fool. If we were to have one of those "What 10 CDs would you want on a Desert Island" discussions, 'Life' would make the cut.

Let's discuss why 'Life' is so very awesome. There is not a single bad song on the album. Not one. The entire album is cheesy rock perfection, mixed with 60's Euro-Pop, and a hint of jazz. Most people know that the band is from Sweden and so it also doesn't hurt that the lead singer Nina Persson is not exactly an ugly gal.

Enough of my ramblings, let's give some of the tunes a listen:

First up - "Carnival"

Next up we have "Rise and Shine"

And now, "Sick and Tired"

Finally, last week I received complaints that my Monday Music blog didn't have enough Grey's Anatomy. I'm almost positive that this song has never actually been on Grey's Anatomy but some psycho fan produced this little number with perhaps my favorite song on "Life." So for real this time, here's one for the ladies. I give you "Celia Inside" starring Ronald Miller.


Corbie said...

I take it back...Stevie Wonder is true that everything is relative. Basically, what I'm trying to say here, is that The Cardigans are doing less for me than even Stevie Wonder. Plus, the upside to Stevie is that he wouldn't even be able to see me throw up over his tunes - The Cardigans might have their feelings hurt if (when) that happened.

You have been able to sell me on some music, KG. Not so much on this one.

On a lighter (and more important) note, Ronald (Donald) Miller should make me Mrs. Miller...sometimes it seems that he may be shorter than I am but I have done a scientifically scaled diagram and all the important stuff seems to match up just fine.

kg said...

Corbie - You have no idea how close you are to being "approve comment" status on the Skog Blog. I do not take the mockery of this album lightly. Why don't you go eat some Chicken in a Biscuit and dream of Ronald Miller and back off.

Corbie said...

Did Dalin with an 'i' give you the 'approve comment satus' idea because I have been relegated to that for months on his blog. I think he is afraid of what I might say about peoples' deceased grandpas or important historical figures (who knew Marco Polo wasn't just a game for Mindy Thayne's pool?)...he's watching me very closely.

brohammas said...

Wait... did I just get called out here? Either you are talking about someone with a different name or you have me confused with my smaller, more snagel toothed self, who would know nothing about Mindey Thayne's pool. Maybe you have him confused with Trent Maddox.

FYI, you should see my moderate comments section. I keep the ones that don't get published and they might even raise your jaded eyebrows.

now to the subject at hand.
A) to balance out your complaint section, you now have too much ?Grey's Anatomy on your Monday Night Blog.

B) After listening to this selection how were you not way more into New Order, Erasure and the like back in the day? Could it be you are not listening but rather watching these bands?
That aside you are right they are good. Best ever may be a bit of a stretch, but they are good in the same way Thompson Twins, and Someone singing about East end boys and West end girls is good.

Corbie said...

KG doesn't like Erasure??? That is blasphemy! My husband and I even went see them a couple of years ago at Kinsbury Hall (look, their fans are getting old - it was a reasonable venue). I don't even know what to say here. I am calling Wheels and telling her that all visitation should be monitored by a court-appointed liason.

And no, Dalyn with a 'y' - I was not referring to you at all. I know a lot of Dalin's who are men who I've known for years who blog who double check my comments before they hit 'approve' - all of those ones spell their names with an 'i' though. Sorry, no connection.

Robyn said...

Hi kg. I totally have to comment on your blog today. I have to agree that I am not appreciating The Cardigans as much as you obviously do. I can't quite figure out why. Thompson Twins and Pet Shop Boys are both better, sorry brohammas. However I do appreciate the fact that you put them on your blog because I just did our FHE on Sweden last week (we're learning about different countries this month, thanks to the olympics) and one of the 'fun facts' I learned was about some great singer named Nina. Which I had never heard of but was fascinated because my mom's name is Nina as well. I now know that Abba and Nina are both from Sweden and I like Abba better. Thanks!

kg said...

First off - Welcome to the Skog Blog Robyn. However, let me say that I'm disappointed you didn't tell your family that you have an old buddy named KG who's (whose) last name means "Golden Forest" in Swedish. Some fodder for next week's FHE perhaps.

Secondly, I apparently need to do a post on my likes and dislikes of 80's music. Not once have I mentioned any disdain towards Erasure. "Three Ring Circus" (or whatever that album was called) was one of the first tapes I dubbed from my sister once I hit 7th grade and decided to venture out of my Billy Ocean comfort zone. Also, the Thompson Twins album "Into The Gap" was included in my first BMG "10 tapes for 1 Penny" purchase. So let's not get too crazy here folks. However, no Erasure or Thompson Twins album is making my desert island top 10 like this little nugget by the Cardigans. I admit the rest of their discography is spotty at best but "Life" will always be a classic in my home.

Corbie said...

Is a bottle of booze making your top ten list? In which case I guess you can forego the FHE Mr. Golden Forest. Because I think a little imbibement (is this a word?) is the only way that Mr. Roger's favorite article of clothing's cd can be enjoyed on a desert island - particularly in the top ten rotation.

Glad you aren't anti-Erasure though - Robyn and I would have to consider homicide. And I don't know why I want to kick a dead horse but the Thompson Twins totally beat Stevie Wonder. Pet Shop Boys too. Of course, in my book, so does Billy Ocean. Or Billy Ray Cyrus. Or Miley Cyrus. Or Ryan singing Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I pretty much would rather listen to the Mt. Jordan Concert Choir over Stevie Wonder. And not because I am racist, KG. Nope. If that were the case, I would disguise my disdain a little better (those people always do). But as it sits, he just sucks balls...someone I know uses that phrase occasionally.

brohammas said...

Now while Corbie may be a little mouthy and happy to flirt with the other side of appropriateness, if not just take that side home for a night cap, she, you, are usually sane and logical.
This lead me to scratch my head when it comes to you and Stevie. (I take the Mt. Jordan choir dig personal you know)

Are you simply thinking of the Ebony and Ivory Stevie? I just called to say I love you Stevie?
If thats all you know than you are selling you and him short.

What about the "Superstition" or "Signed Sealed Delivered" Stevie? I think He was fantastic when he was little Stevie, but later on in life aliens placed braids on Stevioe's head that they used to suck his talent out and send it to George Clinton.

How can you notlike "Higher Ground"? or did you think that was a Chili Peppers song?

now in Cap's defense I never said he didn't like Erasure and it's genre, I'm just saying that if he thinks the Cardigan's are in his top 10 EVER, than I shouldn't have felt so out of place listening to New Order in our youth. Thank heavens for Hilbig and Jay Goin's Depeche Mode tights.

Corbie said...

Dalen with an 'e' (as in extraordinarily ballsy) - did you just call me 'mouthy'? Because to a woman, that could be likened to a sexist slur...and I know how you hate slurs of any sort, right?

First, off, your memory must be failing you because I too was in said Mt. Jordan Concert Choir so the insult was self-directed (if it was directed at all).

And secondly, for the record, I hate Superstition like I hate mayo, I want to hear Signed Sealed Delivered like I want to be drawn and quartered, and Higher Ground only makes me want to seek this exact thing and jump without a parachute (and I almost sensed condescension in your Chili Peppers question but I have decided to let that one slide).

Yes, I am familiar with all things husband would sleep with this Stevie long before the other musical Stevie (and he is a Fleetwood Mac fan through and through if that gives you any reference for his Wonder love). I do realize that the above example may have been - how shall I say it - 'flirting with the other side of appropriateness' - after all, I did allude to things of a (gasp!) sexual nature but still, my husband loves him like you love yerba.

Now, I am going to let you off the hook (and let you go back to being Dalin with an 'i') only because you said that I am usually sane and logical. The irony is that I am very rarely either of those things so this strikes me as a compliment beyond measure. But since I am neither of those two things, I would watch the 'mouthy' comments lest I have to kill you. For the record, calling me most other things is totally acceptable because you like Erasure, Thompson Twins, and Pet Shop Boys. And New Order should just take over the world now and create a new world order.

And my captcha right now is 'ogknow' which is probably what Captain thought when he read what you wrote about me and invisioned the aftermath - "Oh gee, No!"

kg said...

Corbie that is two threats of homicide in one day. I think it's time to listen to Nina's silky smooth voice and enjoy some Yerba Mate. Actually I just re-read and your first threat was only hypothetical so you don't have to listen to the Cardigans. However, please for the love of all that is good, do NOT turn it to Arrow 103.5 right now because Sir Duke (and Robert most likely) are rockin so don't come a knockin.

Penny said...

I will start crushing balls if you need it Corb. And I know Jenny has her brass knuckles and bat ready.

brohammas said...

OK so I was never in concert choir, which also calls into question your memory. I was very present in men's choir with Bubba and Royce Bradley chasing substitutes out of the class and viewing questionable "items" on the overhead projector.

As to the condescention of the Higher Ground comment, the Peppers do that song much better (are you paying attention Mr. cover songman?)

I love slurs, that is the only language most rugby players speak. Be it Guiness inspired or not.

Lets not fight each other and focus on the subject at hand, which is the beauty of New Order.

kg said...

Sorry brohammas I'm sticking with lil Stevie's version of Higher Ground every day of the week and twice on Sunday and any other cliche you want to attach to that comment.

Also I could have sworn you were in Concert Choir because I swear it was you who had to pull Brad Ruckert off of Hilbig after Matt gave him the old Roto Rooter trick with the yardstick and a glove.

But more importantly, the subject at hand is NOT New Order. In fact, in the spirit of bringing friends back together I will allow Corbie and Brohammas to bond over this - New Order AND Depeche Mode suck. I said it.

Last but not least, welcome to the Skog Blog Pennylane. Feel free to stop by any time even when there aren't balls to be crushed.

Corbie said...

Okay, memories of these things suck and I definitely shouldn't question yours. And I agree with the Chili Pepper's Higher Ground being better and I agree that we should kill Kirk over the New Order and Depeche Mode statement. And I believe that is three homicidal references which simply proves that I am not sane or logical. And I am most definitely mouthy...but it is totally okay for me to use the slur because I am on the inside of the club looking out :)

So, all is forgiven Dalin - but you will never be Dalyn with a 'y' again. Because all I can picture is that shirt and the white bubble letters and then I laugh. And I like to laugh - however inappropriately.

brohammas said...

That was Men's choir.

Hey Pennylane, who did you say had those brass knuckles?

kg said...

Thanks to the Mouthy Twins you will soon be seeing a new gimmick on the Skog Blog. Songs that should never be covered Tues Night. First song on the playlist, Higher Ground.

PS - It was Concert Choir. Also did you not participate in the classic rendition of "Kiss Him Goodbye?" Broomhead hand selected only the finest singers from Concert Choir to participate. I mean why else would Wally have had a solo?

Anonymous said...

I really like the Cardigans. That Carnival song makes me happy. (These comments are supposed to be about the post right? I'm so confused about what is going on right now.)

brohammas said...

its hard to type while chuckling an evil laugh at that last line.

thanks, now I feel like a jerk.... sort of.

kg said...

Thanks to Flanksteak for bringing us back on track. And brohammas I had the same evil laugh while typing it.

Corbie said...

Okay, so I laughed out loud at that last line of yours, KG. And consider me reprimanded - I will never again discuss anythign unpost related. So tell your family they can come back to the blog - that I will keep myself in check. In my defense, I did mention Stevie Wonder (and his accompanying suckiness) like 25 times, which did have to do with like two posts ago.

kg said...

Apology accepted Corbie. However, as your punishment you have to listen to "Life" once a day for the rest of the week with Ryan. I then expect to see a video of Ryan performing a Cardigan's song on your blog with or without a pink wig. (her choice- I respect her opinion as an artist)

brohammas said...

Whats with the niceness?

I was just going to revert to the old days, pat Bry on the head, and say I'm sorry your confused. We'll explain it to you when you get older."

Anonymous said...

....while someone sneaks up behind me and pulls down my pants, revealing my tighty whiteys. You guys were the best!

Corbie said...

They used to do that to me too, flanksteak, and I'm not even family.

Spammon said...

Damn, I am so freaking late to the party again. All you had to say was 'The Swedish band The Cardigans' and people will already realize how awesome they are. Every band from Sweden rocks the house, starting with Ace of Base.