Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Housekeeping

I said I was going to introduce commenter Rob to the Skog Blog over the weekend and never did. Although his self intro as Willow minus the magic was HIGH comedy. Well the man, who is already a reader favorite, deserves a proper intro. Rob (not to be confused with Robb of Robb and Melissa's blog fame) is a talented singer/songwriter/yoga instructor/all around cool dude. Rob and I worked together for 3 years under the tyranny of Dogface and we bonded over our love of good tunes and Great Harvest cookies. Corbie likes to say that she has certain friends who are such good friends that they'd help her bury a body, well if I ever am wrongly imprisoned for my association with Corbie, Rob is the kind of friend who would write a powerhouse protest song a la Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" and get me out. "Here comes the story of the Cap-i-tan..." And don't kid yourself man, you are like Willow + musical skills + even more magic abilities which makes you some kind of super dwarf. Anyway, welcome to the Skog Blog Rob, your banter is always enjoyed.

One other new commenter is Ms. Pennylane. She is a friend of Corbie's (I'd dare call her Corbie's enforcer) and her comedy and threats are always appreciated here as well.


Spammon said...

If Robb has any resemblance to Willow, then he is a friend of mine. Especially if his hand size to body size is as large as Willows.

And Penny....well, she's a Beatles fan.

Rob said...

You didn't ask for permission to use that shot of me but your kind words more than made up for it. It's good to be here.

Corbie said...

In staying on topic, welcome Rob, yoga instructor. Where do you instruct said yoga so that Penny (also yoga instructor) and I (far from yoga instructor) can attend?

Now listen Spammon (AKA Ammon) - You would be a fan of The Beatles as well if your name was Norwegian Wood(y). When your name is Penny Lane (literally) your parents haven't left you with much choice. Speaking of, you are probably like a Mormon Tabernacle Choir groupie, right?

Sorry, I'm sensitive about names today - Corky is not my favorite moniker. Plus, Penny is my enforcer but I am her defender - it's like the brains vs. brawn only she has both and chooses to resort to violence.

Rob said...

I teach a non-violent class with great tunes (currently on a M. Ward kick)at the American Fork Gold's Gym (yes I have mixed thoughts on gym yoga as well).

Penny- where do you teach?

corbie- where do you get your limber on?

Corbie said...

I will answer for Penny since she is pretending to budget analyze at her 'organization' (do not call them a 'company'). I should have clarified her 'instructing' - she is certified and capable to instruct but doesn't formally instruct anywhere because she has this dumb day job at Sundance. I only do yoga in super hot rooms in Phoenix in August - I am much more limber when I am sliding all over my mat in my own sweat and lack the strength or presence of mind to keep myself upright.

Non-violent yoga? I knew it must exist - Penny has been fooling me all this time.

Rob said...

corbie- We have the limber when sweaty in common. Just to set some rules in our relationship... I don't sweat petty things and don't pet sweaty things. Can we be friends and start with that?

Corbie said...

So you aren't one of those instructors like Adam at Kula (that was a shout out) who rubs peoples' feet at the end of class? Because I heart Adam. And I heart petting. Okay, I will stop now - yeah, me either - no sweaty petting (where do you think the bishop would classify sweaty petting - between heavy and light? - just wondering :). And, unfortunately, I do sweat petty things - hence my need for yoga.

Rob said...

Actually I don't rub feet but I do a nice little hands on during savasana (I guess I do pet sweaty things) that brings people back everytime. It's an experience I won't go into here but it lengthens the legs and spine, opens the hips and chest... (IBpervertcomments)

brohammas said...

I once stretched before a morning jog... is that almost yoga?

If I were to breath through my navel, and I have a deeeeeep navel, should I be able to run further distances before losing my breath?

Please enlighten me.