Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night Confessions Are Back!

With a new year comes a new opportunity to confess your pecadillos. I had discontinued this somewhat due to lack of interest and because I had only sinned 5 times in my life and I had already confessed them all here. I kid. So since I keep reading about everyone's fresh starts I figured we'd all be ready to play a little game called - Name the Lamest Tunes On Your MP3 Player!

The rules of this game are quite simple but I will write them below:

1. Turn on your portable listening device ie: Creative Zen, Zune, Sansa or iPod (for all you sheep out there.)
2. Scroll through the folder titled 'Albums.'
3. Look at each album carefully and think to yourself about how ashamed you would be if someone were to catch you listening to said album.
4. Decide which album would cause you the greatest amount of shame.
5. Post the name of said album in the comments section on this here blog.

It's that simple folks.

I would like to provide the following intro for my album...

Go ahead and mock. I am not ashamed. The first words out of my mouth as a child were "I can't smile without you..." (sung in a lovely boy soprano voice of course) - it's true. Just ask my mother. And if loving the greatest showman of our generation is wrong than I don't wanna be right.


brohammas said...

My name is Luka. I live on the second floor. I live up stairs from you. Yes, I think youve seen me before....
wait, was that out loud?
There is nothing shameful on my Zune. I would stay and chat but Snow's "Informer" is up next and I'm still trying to learn the words.

Corbie said...

Oh Puleeasse! Luka is one that I'm proud of! (yes, it's on mine too). How is this:

Barbara Mandrell's Ultimate Collection, of which, the following songs play a starring role:

- Crackers (which says these words, no joke, 'you can eat crackers in my bed anytime'...over and over again)

- Sleeping Single In A Double Bed (yes, this is an actual song)

- And, drum roll please, If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

The best part? My itunes is organized alphabetically by artist name which means I only got to the 'B's before coming across these gems.

kg said...

Bro - NOTHING shameful? I'm pretty sure there is some Red Hot Chili Peppers on there... (I stole that joke from Wheels)

Corbie - Even as a well-documented country hater - there is no shame in Barbara Mandrell. I'm pretty sure her TV show allowed me to hit puberty about 3 years earlier than I should have. Her and her sisters weren't ugly.

brohammas said...

Huh? And all this time I thought I liked Wheels. She has obviously never listened to uplift mofo party plan.

Sadly enough I am not really ashamed of Snow, but I quickly hit "skip" when Fergalicious comes up on the Zune if someone else is around, but not when I'm alone.

I am proud that there is NO Barbera Stisand on my mp3.

Corbie said...

Wheels, just ignore Brohammas...he probably doesn't even know exactly who you are (since he just mentioned Barbara Streisand instead of Barbara Mandrell). The irony is that, since (as previously mentioned) my itunes account is organized in alphabetical order by artists' names, right after Ms. Mandrell is Ms. Streisand's classic, 'Send In The Clowns'.

Next most shameful (in alphabetical order) - Belinda Carlisle's 'I Get Weak' and 'Mad About You' - and I'm still in the 'B's.

brohammas said...

Oh I know far too well who Barbara Mandrell is and she may be part of the reason I'm alergic to clogging.

Funny how I use a name as a segway to someone I am proud to not have on my playlist and Corbie steps right up to admit she has it.

As usual, I am misunderstood and Corbie is welcoming deliberate emberassment.

I just looked again and I don't think anything on my list is shame worthy, though others may dissagree. Bone Thugs and Harmony is legit, and why wouldn't a suburban bred white boy who wore tapered pants in the 90's enjoy DMX?

Corbie said...

Still in the 'B's - Bette Midler. It isn't enough that I have one album...I have two - 'Some Peoples Lives' and the entire 'Beaches' soundtrack - as well as several other random songs (The Rose, anyone?).

Being willing to laugh at oneself is, in my world, a much desired trait.

Vanwarmer said...

Because I carry the Billboard top 100 from the last fifty years around with me at all times (you never know when you might need to hear "Whole Wide World" by A'me Lorain), there are some very embarrassing songs on my iPod. And I listen to plenty of them. This morning's fare: Lionel Ritchie--all the hits, in chronological order. Oh, what a feeling (no dancing on the ceiling required).

Rob said...

*clears throat knowing voice is about to crack like it did when I went through puberty in 11th grade completely missing my growth spurt and even worse the harassment in Gym Class, now more embarrassed and off topic... finishes clearing of said throat...*

Kid Rock- Cocky

kg said...

My Name is ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB! Welcome back to the Skog Blog my friend. We have missed you.

Rob said...

It's always a treat to come and be entertained here. I'm waiting for a film in Sundance but until then I'll stop in here. Good day.

Herms said...

Ok just ran the test. The trick for me is I don't have a large storage capactiy MP3 player, at only 4 gigs I have to be selective, although I would love to carry the billboard 100 for the last 40 years, just don't have the room.

I would probably catch the most grief for the following, but would gladly defend it...
1) Listen without prejudice (George Michael)
2) Catching up with Depechemode
3) Wicked
4) Bon Iver (because it would seem like I am just kissing KG's ass by listening to KG's number one album)
5) Back to Bedlam and only if I am listening to No Bravery because I am guessing that James Blunt is trying to send a serious message and it just seems forced and strange to me.

brohammas said...

Does it count if I hate stuff on my own mp3? I'm sitting here, music on shuffle, and some Michael Jackson I've never heard before... for good reason, just came on. I didn't put it on there and now I'm back here adding to my confessional.