Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Mix Tape Vol I.

Valentine's Day 2009 is coming. The economy is in the crapper. What are we to do for our significant others this year? No worries, Skog Blog readers. KG has an inexpensive idea for you. The Mixtape. When is the last time you made one? In 8th grade? Maybe in college for that girl you really thought was the one? Frankly I think it has been too long and it is time to bring back the mixtape. The rest of the week I will bring you ideas or themes to help you impress your lover with a nice selection of love songs and ballads.

Tonight - Butt Rock. Hair Metal. Call it what you want, once upon a time we all loved it. Here is a fine group of songs that are sure to please the Rocker in your life. In fact, if we all look hard enough through our old junk boxes from middle school we would probably find a cassette labeled 'Andy Loves Chrissy' or something similar with these exact songs.

Journey - Faithfully
If you don't own Journey's Greatest Hits then you are either a liar or you don't own any albums at all. It was really a toss up between this tune and Open Arms but I feel in this little number Steve Perry teaches us all about unconditional love.

Warrant - Heaven
Listening to this song tonight I realized that perhaps it is about having a child rather than a true 'love song.' Well let's all pretend that it's about a 'Love Child' and cozy up with your lover and enjoy.

Van Halen - Love Walks In
I have not come here tonight to debate David vs. Sammy. I have come here to share love. David was the wild party guy but Sammy was the poet and the lover.

Damn Yankees - High Enough
Sorry Big J, this isn't a song from the hit musical of the same name. This is the 90's super group that consisted of Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, and Ted Nugent. Back in the day I didn't actually like this song but this list wouldn't be complete without it.

PS - I have no idea why someone made a Karate Kid tribute with this song but it was perfect. The sexual tension between Daniel and Miyagi is palpable.

REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling
The first fight I ever had with Wheels was about the lyrics to this song. Since a child I could have sworn that he sings, 'you're a candle in the window on a cold dark forest night.' Wheels mocked me and to prove it she went and busted out her piano sheet music to show me that he actually sings, 'a cold dark winter's night.' My question is this - who is lamer (more lame?) KG for singing 'forest night' or Wheels for actually owning the sheet music to Can't Fight This Feeling in the year 2002? By the way, I had to ask Wheels just now what the lyrics were because forest night is engraved in my brain. Wheels may or may not have peed the bed when I asked her.

Nelson - (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection
The two chicks in this video are so freaking hot that they will spice the love life of even the coldest heart. I realize that was dumb but not all of my intros can be winners.

Extreme - More Than Words
This song is awesome. No love song mixtape would be complete without this classic. For an extra $5 Flanksteak and I will come to your Valentine's dinner and karaoke it for you. You will shed a tear. Trust me.

Skid Row - I Remember You
My girlfriend in 8th grade gave me this cassette single and a pair of Chicago Bulls boxer shorts for Valentine's Day. This one is for you Capece, wherever you may be.

PS - Nice of them to include the lyrics for this song. My lyric comprehension for this song makes 'forest night' seem plausible.

Mr. Big - To Be With You
Theme song to the 1992 JHS Sweethearts Dance. Not our finest hour.

Tesla - Love Song
Tesla has always been there to teach us lessons about life. Signs block up the scenery and love is all around us. And in reality any song that has the balls to call itself 'Love Song' deserves to be on a Valentine's day mixtape. Unless it's by the Cure, then you are out of luck.

Firehouse - Love of A Lifetime
If you never had the opportunity to slowdance to this bad boy then you haven't lived. Or you probably didn't attend a stomp or stake dance in the early 90's. Do yourself a favor and slowdance with your lover tonight. Hopefully it won't be as, uh, 'uncomfortable' as it was to slowdance as a teen.

Steelheart - I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)
I have truly saved the best for last. If this song doesn't bring you love then nothing will. Please listen to the song in its entirety or if not, at least fast forward to the end of the song because the finale will blow your mind. Come back tomorrow for more mixtape fun!


Jen said...

Well at least for once I have heard of some of these songs. You have to bring out the super old cheese to make me feel included. I have to say I hated those damn mixed tapes you guys used to make, "Bedtime Favorites" was by far the worst. I remember being tortured with it all the way to St. George one time.

kg said...

How dare you belittle 'Bedtime Favorites.' You can't say anything is the 'worst' when it includes hits by Chicago and James Ingram - 'Whatever we imagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!' I think Kim and I got up to Volume IIII of Bedtime Favorites. I might even have a copy of one of them in my cassette box in the attic.

My all-time favorite mixtape though? 'Rock and Roll Tennis' made with Dave Simmons.

Herms said...

"once upon a time we all loved it"

uhhhhh.....no, we didn't all love it.

Did you post the same song with just different videos? I can't hear the difference in any of these songs. HAH!

kg said...

Kim - you going to sit there and remain speechless while Herms disparages these classics? Where's the girl who once attended Slaughter, Warrant and Trixter triple bill?

Corbie said...

Aside from ripping on The Cure, this was your best post EVER - and you know I'm a Skog Blog fan so this is saying a lot.

You know my thoughts on Faithfully, you cracked me up with the Love Child reference, we always choose Sammy over David at our house, the Daniel and Miyagi reference will go down as the best blog comedy I've ever read, and as I read what you thought the lyrics were to Can't Fight This Feeling I thought 'doesn't he know it's winter?'...hats off to Wheels for setting you straight and for peeing the bed (I do that too).

Good picks and awesome post.

Robyn said...

Oh this was good. This was for sure my favorite post ever! I
I don't know if it's because I would really love hubby to make me a mixed tape, or because I have sat here and remembered every stake dance, middle school dance and stomp + 1992's 'Sweethearts' dance. I think slow dancing to Mr. Big may have been the first time I actually danced with someone taller than me. Maybe it was a fast dance - who can slow dance to that!

What the heck is Capece giving you boxers in 8th grade for?? I would die if my 8th grader (next year) got a pair of boxers from a girl!

Can't wait for more...

kg said...

Thanks for the kind word ladies. Was definitely the funnest blog I have written in a long time. Wheels and I were laughing hysterically at how much we love the songs even though they are so bad. Maybe it's just our generation that appreciates this kind of quality. Screw you Herms for being like 50 years old and not enjoying this stuff.

Anonymous said...


Every damn one.


PS? Who didn't get a pair of briefs from their lady in 8th grade? Kirk was a man about town after all.

Anonymous said...

What about "Love is On the Way" by Saigon Kick? That was the theme for JHS Junior Prom 2000. We even did a survey for all juniors to see what the theme song should be and we pretended the junior class chose "Love is on the Way". Sorry Lonestar & Jordan High class of 2001. "Amazed" sucks.

kg said...

Good call Flanksteak. That was an oversight on my part. Gotta love some Saigon Kick.

And thank you too Anonymous, if that is your real name.

Kim said...

How did I miss this little discussion? I am appalled. Appalled, I tell you by Jenny's comments on our mixed tapes. What do they say about kicking a gift horse in the mouth?

I took a listen to all your songs last night and was in "heaven". Absolutely fabulous.