Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

It is finally here.  I'm sure everyone has been on the edge of his/her seat in anticipation for this legendary post of which I spoke last week.  I probably was being a little loose with the language because I'm not certain this post will be worth the wait, my dear friends.  However, if poorly written and hastily thrown together blog work is of interest to you, read on!  I do give one fair warning - some of these clips are extremely long and perhaps will only be enjoyed by Grandparents.  These clips will include the Rated: GP warning in the description.

What Do The Skog Girls Like to Do?

Long time readers of The Skog Blog will know the correct answer to this question is Party All the Time but I will also accept, Just Wanna Have Fun.  Both Toots and P celebrated birthdays this week.

The Artist Formerly Known as Toots

Toots turned two this week and I am contemplating a change of spelling for her name, at least for this year, 2oots.  Pretty edgy stuff, I know.  I will give it a test run this week and see how it feels.

When 2oots had her first birthday we waited until too late to do the presents/cake so we did not end up with very good footage of her devouring her first cake, etc.  We tried to do a little better this year and feel like we succeeded.

After a quick bath she got to open up her presents. The first clip is a quick one for those with short attention spans but the second clip is Rated GP.

The Greatest Week of P's Life
P's itinerary for the week was as follows:

Mon - Dance
Tues - Toots' Birthday
Wed - Her Birthday
Thurs - Cousin Max's Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese
Fri - Annoy parents and whine because she had no parties to attend. Also play with new toys.
Sat - Soccer, Baby Shower and Her Birthday Party with her neighborhood friends.

If only we could all have such an awesome week.

A few weeks ago out of the blue P informed Wheels that she wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  We pressed forward with the plan but deep down thought she might just wuss out.  Sure enough the day came, the plan was carried out and P was a real trooper.  There were a few tears involved but nothing that 3 suckers couldn't promptly resolve.  Afterwards she said she was glad that she had done it but might not have if she knew it would hurt so bad.  The clip below is rated NGP for No Grandparents because they might think Wheels and I are child abusers.  Just remember this was her idea, not ours. 

The trip to the Piercing Pagoda was followed by a shopping spree at the fine fashion retailers Old Navy and Target for some 5T clothes and then we finished up with a Wendy's Kids Meal.  After another quick bath P was able to blow out the candles on her birthday cookie and open her presents.  Her birthday presents clip is rated GP.

On Saturday P had some of her neighborhood friends over for a Pajama Party.  While the kids did not sleepover we still played the usual slumber party games including Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle.  Other highlights included the kids decorating pillow cases and playing 'Put the Glasses on Pablo.'  I swear the Pablo game was just a variation of the children's classic donkey game rather than some sort of Watcher in the Woods creepy time warp game but you wouldn't know this from the footage Wheels took while I was feeding Lil' J her lunch.

Here is proof that the game wasn't sinister like a horrific Disney film. Nice effort by Millie.

At What Age Do We Have to Breakout the Tabasco?

You wouldn't know it from this post but Wheels and I do have another child.  Lil' J is a thumbsucker and I'm not sure at what point in her life it will stop being so, but right now it is adorable. 

I Never Thought I Could Feel So Free

I need a haircut bad.  Like really, really bad.  Those of you who have known me since I was little remember that I usually had very short hair.  However, my barber, Ed, retired several years ago and since then I have only had one or two decent haircuts so now I just let my hair grow and grow until Wheels or myself has had enough and then Wheels shaves it all off and I start the cycle again.  This week Wheels compared my hair to that of The Greatest American Hero and believe it or not, I don't think she meant it as a compliment.

Vomit or X?

I nearly forgot about the return of everyone's favorite game show. 

The correct answer was puke.  We had another bout of 2oots' car sickness when Wheels headed down south to attend a baby shower for our friend, Summer.  Once again on 12300 South in Draper 2oots lost control of her stomach and the picture above is what didn't get on herself or stay in her carseat.  Good times for Wheels.  She then went back for round two while Wheels sat in traffic after dropping off P for her soccer game.  I apologize but apparently if you live further south than 9000 South in Sandy you will have to come visit the Skog home rather than have us visit yours.


brohammas said...

You do not need a haircut or a shave at all. I mean you just got that big gig on the movie "The Hangover" and now you want to change your look?

flanksteak said...

Shouldn't the new spelling be 2ts? 2oots would be Twooots. That doesn't flow as well.

Jen said...

I think Bryan might be the smartest person in our family. Just ask his boss.

How cool is it that P has footage of getting her ears pierced.

Happy birthday to the two girls. We are partied out down here as well.

Skye said...

My dad took me to get my ears pierced before I was 1 and my mom was pissed, but I don't remember it so maybe now is the time for Josie.
My dad also put tobasco on our tongue for saying bad words, not sucking thumbs.

Kim said...

I am just getting around to reading your post. LOVE the vomit pictures. I have really been missing that segment.

Darling girls.