Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

Editors Note: P will forever be known from this day forth on The Skog Blog as 'Superstar'.  If you don't understand why this is her new nickname then you have not met her.

I Thought We Were Going to a Jazz Game

The weekend before Thanksgiving a friend who shall remain nameless (Corbie) sent us some excellent tickets to the Disney Princesses on Ice.  The girls LOVED it.  Superstar sat on the edge of her seat with a big grin and it could have possibly been the greatest day of her life.  Even Toots and Lil' J seemed to enjoy themselves.  I wore my Memo Okur jersey to the event and you would not believe how many people made some variation of a 'Did you think you were coming to a Jazz game?' joke.

As we went to leave the arena a huge snowstorm had blown in and ever the excellent parents, Wheels and I had not even outfitted the girls with coats.  I made the long run to the parking lot so I could just pull up to the curb and not make the girls walk the frozen half mile.  The van fired up without a problem but I soon realized that our windshield wipers would not work.  I'm not saying the wipers wouldn't wipe sufficiently I mean the motor wouldn't even turn on to allow them to clean the glass.  What followed was a harrowing 97 min drive home on backroads that required many stops and random wiper starts and stops.  Good times.  (nope)

Peek-a-Boo, I see a Lil' Rockstar

Too Scary, Too Scary

Toots has become a scaredy pants as of late. Her nightmares or night terrors or whatever the crap happens between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM are well documented on The Skog Blog but lately even shows or movies that she once upon a time loved are too intense. Here is how she was sitting one night when Wheels came down to check on them.

Lil' J Be Illin'

This picture isn't the greatest. So much for having a decent camera on my phone - Thanks Verizon Salesman. It is hard to tell but the Rockstar is wearing the following logo onesie and I think it is friggin adorable.

Superstar Pics Vol. 17

It would appear that once again Superstar got her hands on the camera and so I would like to present another one of her outstanding portfolios.  The girl has quite an eye for art.  These pics will soon be exhibiting at the U of U Museum of Modern Art so consider this a free sneak preview.

The Lil' Rockstar's Basic Training

Lil' J hasn't done much crawling but whenever we look away and then look back she is somewhere else.  She is extremely stealthy and must be some sort of Navy Seal Baby.  Maybe that is why she was in the NICU for so long.  It was some sort of Secret Government Training.  I should have figured this out sooner.  Thanks for helping me work this out in my mind.  PS: Yes, I am a conspiracy theory nut. 

The Skog Halls Have Been Sufficiently Decked

Tree?  Check.  Ornaments?  Check.  Broken ornaments?  Check.  Carpenters Christmas playing on the old record player?  Check.  It's officially Christmas at the Skog home. 


Jen said...

Entertaining as always. I would call that crawling for sure. I need to come down and give a listen to some old records on grandpas old record player. You suck that you ended up with that, but mom always did like you the best!

Mindy said...

Glad to have you back to your regular blogging. I was feeling so uninformed. Glad you got home safe.

Corbie said...

My favorite Skog Blog gimmick is Superstar's random pic segment...cracks me up every time.