Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Skog Family Week in Review

Greetings friends and readers. Welcome to 2010 and the first installment of The Skog Family Week(s) in Review.  There is a lot to get caught up on so let's get to the action.

The Wheels Family Winter Invasion of 2009

Wheels' Family lives all over the globe.  Because of this it has been more than two years since we have all been in the same place at the same time.  This Christmas the entire Wheels family descended upon Utah, well everyone except Wheels' little brother Jason who was a no show.  Not sure why he was too stuck up to join us but maybe next time... I kid, I kid, the guy is currently serving a faithful LDS mission in Uruguay and was greatly missed.  Home movies were watched, much food was consumed (I'm talking of Skog Family proportions) and many sicknesses were passed back and forth between the little ones.  One of the lowlight's of the week was Wheels' father, Dennis, breaking his leg in a flukey skiing accident.  Anybody who knows Dennis knows that he is the one person who would not enjoy sitting around with a cast on his leg while the rest of the family played hard.  He was still a trooper and Wheels' mom was probably an even bigger trooper for having to take care of him and drive them home once their stay was over.

As evidenced by Dennis' broken leg, the Wheels Family is notorious for their extreme outdoor play.  On one of the days that it snowed Wheels and her brothers planned a snow shoeing trip assuring me that they'd "be careful" and they'd "be fine."  They did arrive home safely and without incident (or so I was told) from their expedition, but it was quite humorous to see the picture below in the local newspaper the following day.  That would be Wheels' brother and a family friend digging their car out of the snow. 

Pretty Lights and Freezing Nights

Here are some pics of the annual pilgrimmage to see the lights at Temple Square.  One highlight not captured on film (what is the proper term here since it's digital?  help me out photographers) was right after the shot of the girls with Grandma Donna was taken they lost their balance and all toppled over.  Good times.

Once There Was a Snowman

I came home to find this spectacular looking snowman in our frontyard, lovingly put together by Wheels and the girls.  The next morning, however, I discovered that he had been slaughtered in a horrific drive by shooting.  RIP, Mr. Snowman.  You will be missed.  Warning: the photos are gruesome.  Viewer discretion advised.

Tonight, KG is KING!

Parts of the Skog Family spent the week after Christmas in St. George.  Upon returning home, my parents Big J and Crazy Sue had a bad night's sleep in their soft bed and decided they wanted a firmer mattress like the one they had slept in during their vacation.  A trip to RC Willey later and yada yada yada, the Skogs now have a "new" king size mattress.  After years of children sleeping on our face and kicking us in various body parts as we try and sleep, Wheels and I are finally again enjoying the night.  I was a bit skeptical at first and didn't think the king looked that much bigger but by gosh it is MUCH bigger.  It is like taking a four lane highway and converting it into two lanes.  It is glorious.  Toots has her night terrors?  Come on in.  Superstar has a Scooby Doo inspired nightmare?  No problem, you can even bring your dolls if you'd like.  There is room for everyone!  I cannot stress to young couples enough that when you buy your first mattress just go ahead and get the king.  Wheels is so out of it at night now that Toots can come and scream for 5 minutes at the side of our bed and she just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  I have gone from 'tired and ornery' to just ornery.  Things are looking up at the Skog home.

We moved our old bed into the girls' room and so far Toots has spent four complete nights in her new bed.  As I stated before though, even if she doesn't, who cares??!  We do feel sorry for Superstar now though because she is the benefactor of Toots' kicking and nighttime spazzery.  Sorry, Superstar.  Thanks for taking one for the team.

Oprah Winfrey Presents: Makeover Magic

For some reason Superstar kept asking Santa for 'Princess Makeup' for Christmas.  Luckily for her, Grammie Sue was on the same page and bought her a makeup kit.  It has been a success and has gotten a lot of use so far.  However, I think the girls look more like Chaka than a Princess when they get all dolled up with their makeup.  Faulty advertising if you ask me.

Fairy Fashion Show

The other big hit of the Christmas season was the Fairy dress-up trunk that Toots got for Christmas.  I don't believe a single day has passed without the girls getting some use out of the costumes.  Combine the fairy costumes with the makeup and there is only one thing to do - Fashion Show!  Sometimes I wonder what the girls are doing while I'm at work and I get sad that I miss out on some of the stuff.  Other times I just get a little freaked out.  Not sure which of those sentiments describes what you are about to see. Gotta love the sass, the strange ending that involves throwing of hungry hungry hippo marbles and the music that at times is a cross between REM and Def Leppard. According to Wheels the decore was all Superstar's idea.

Rockin' in the New Year

In my countdown of the decade's finest tunes, I declared Kings of Leon to be the band of the decade.  My girls happen to agree.  Even the Rockstar is getting in on the action.

Superstar's Pic Portfolio Vol. 41

It wouldn't be a proper week in review without taking a look at Superstar's pics.  She is really getting artsy and edgy and taking chances with her shots.  This portfolio will be displayed at Sundance this week.  Kudos to you, Superstar.


Corbie said...

I credit a king size bed with my choosing to go on living.

That pic of Wheels and Superstar in the silver coats is stunning.

That was nice of Jack Osbourne to stop by your house and snap that pic with your girls.

Jen said...

Toots walking down the runway and posing is hysterical. Some of us really missed your week in review posts while you were pondering the greatest music of the decade.