Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q & A with kg

You might have noticed that I deleted The Skog Blog Schedule.  When it was first created it was a great way to help me get on track with my blog posts.  However, I got to the point where I would want to post something but it wouldn't fit in the day's schedule and so I would hold off, forget what I wanted to post and then it would be too late. It's a new year and I have decided to break free from the bonds of my schedule and get back to the free flowing early days of The Skog Blog.  Fear not, I will still try to have a Week in Review posted each Sunday night but gone are the daily music reviews.  That news will probably be cause for some rejoicing by many of you who had informed me that you were burned out from all of my music reviews.  There will still be plenty of music but it just won't be my primary focus.  I have a few new Skog Blog gimmicks that I plan to roll out in the near future.  First up, let's answer some reader questions in a new feature that I will call, Q&A with kg. Let's get to it.

So if your tagline has yerba mate, why doesn't your content? I demand a review of the top brands, as well as your favorite recipe for consumption ie:  "Best consumed with candy cane, good company, nag champa, listening to the Doors, while hiding out from strange roomates and an even stranger smell."
minty mint?
Cruz de Malta
Rosemante selection especial?

come on dude. (Brohammas)

A little bit of background before I answer this question from Brohammas.  He and I were roommates in college the first year after our missions.  One of our roommates had a pet snake that smelled like a mix of feces, urine, and hamster food.  Very pleasant.  Because of this, most of the time at our apartment was spent in our bedroom with the door shut, window open (even in December), burning Nag Champa incense and drinking mate while listening to The Doors or something of that ilk.  Brohammas became almost as big of a mate addict as myself and continues to drink to this day.  We were to yerbamate as Bubba Gump was to shrimp.  We drank it out of every fruit imaginable, we added candy and mints and used everything from water to milk to juice.

To answer the question - you are correct.  I have been a slacker.  The yerbamate coverage on The Skog Blog has been unacceptable.  To remedy this, each week I will offer up an idea or recipe to make your yerba drinking more enjoyable.  This week's advice - Mixing your yerba with Lipton Herbal Tea.  Buy yourself the sampler pack, tear open the teabag and dump it into your mate.  Soon enough you'll be drinking gourmet mate everyday.  The apple cinnamon is highly recommended.

You never posted any New Year's Resolutions, did you make any? (Wheels)

I did, Wheels, thanks for asking.  There is an epidemic that I feel threatens the safety of everyone who lives in a home with small children.  I decided that this year I was going to do something about it.  That problem?  The Skanky Rotten Sippy Cup.  Anybody with children has done the dishes and thought to themselves, "Hmmm, I could have sworn that there were more sippy cups around the house" but due to time constraints or apathy we just fire up the dishwasher and move on.  Perhaps on occasion we assume that our better half might have just unloaded the dishwasher and that is the reason for the strange lack of children's drinking equipment.  Then a few days later we start smelling things.  Things no man or woman should ever smell.  The scent is even worse than the aforementioned snake wiff from my previous post and it is wafting up from under our bed.  We start to fear there might be a rogue cup or a lost diaper and some quick Encyclopedia Brown work confirms our suspicions.  Other times you find a cup in the back of your vehicle and you say a silent prayer as you crack it open in hopes that it will just be water and not milk... I'm still not sure which is worse though - opening a skanky rotten sippy cup and dealing with the consequences of its contents or coming into a room and seeing one of your children taking a drag out of a cup that you haven't seen for so long that you just assumed it had been thrown away.  I have instituted a No Cup Left Behind policy in the Skog home.  I am so fired up about my anti-skanky rotten sippy cup agenda that I have created a counter to your left to show you how many days we have gone without an incident.  I would ask that you do the same.  "Not again in Twenty Ten!  Not again in Twenty Ten!"  Scream it with me!

The Saints won the Super Bowl and you had Drew Brees on your fantasy teams, right?  He was really good so your fantasy teams must have been awesome too.  How come you never wrote a blog about your Fantasy Football Championships this year? (Herms)

Long time readers know that I am a Fantasy Football Champion. I have won often enough that most of my friends just call me champ.  Well a funny thing happened this year, even though I felt as if I had one of the best teams 'on paper' I was unable to even get a playoff berth.  I blame myself for teasing the gods of Fantasy Football and posting my now infamous, "How to Draft a Champion FFL Playlist" last summer.  I was so furious when the season ended that I was ready to throw in the towel and retire from the world of FFL.  It was a horribly tough decision.  After much soul searching, I decided that I just can't stop playing and I will regroup and recover and be back next year with a vengeance.

What is the best song to which I am not currently listening? (All readers)

That song would be World News from the album Gorilla Manor by a band called Local Natives.  Checkout the entire album below.  A close second would be Who Knows, Who Cares from the same album.

Thanks for reading everyone. If you have any questions that need answers please post in the comments and I will take a crack at them next time.


Kim said...

Nicely done. I applaud your new resolution of saving the world from rotten sippy cups. This is something Aaron is still trying to understand.

Wheels said...

The Sippy Cup portion was genius. RIP Kiki.

brohammas said...

herbal tea! "Dark Night" is my favorite herbal. Sorta black licoricey (is that a word?).

Well done my little friend, well done.

Skye said...

I do not picture you as a tea drinking kind of guy. For some reason, probably just the beard, you remind me of Frank, and a sun tea kind of guy. Don't be offended.

kg said...

I would like to know where someone can find this "Dark Night" because black licoricey flavors are my favorite mate combinations. If I through a mate symbol in the sky will the Dark Night deliver a box to my house?

Skye - Not a fan of the Sun Tea but feel free to try out the "That Used to Be Yerba Mate" that I left on your porch in the milk cooler yesterday.

Corbie said...

The sippy cup segment was spot on.

Oh and you forgot this question from a loyal reader:

Why do you hate Heart so bad? (Corbie)

Rob said...

Oh Kirk... You are one of the funniest dudes on earth and I need you back in my life. Come back to me please.

My question: I heard you were writing a movie and it would be the greatest movie of all time. When does it come out?

flanksteak said...

My question is: Why do you suck at NBA Live so bad? Or, Why can't you beat the Greek Nationals if your life depended on it? Or some variation of both.