Monday, March 15, 2010

The Skog Family Week in Review

Sorry for the delay. I realize the Rockstar Birthday Teaser has been up for quite awhile. I had some technical difficulties but I am finally back in business. To quickly fill you in on what has happened since I posted the teaser, the Lil' Rockstar is now 18. Lbs? Nope. 18 years old. She is enjoying choir and the debate team at the local high school. Toots is a freshman at the local University studying Holography and Superstar is engaged to be married this Summer. Crazy how time flies. So how did we get here? Well, please join me on a trip back in time to the Lil' Rockstar's first birthday...

Lil' Rockstar and Her Pal Baby Lambchop

Before the festivities the Lil' Rockstar got to spend some quality time with her cousin and pal, Baby Lampchop, daughter of Flanksteak. As previously stated, I defy any of you to find a more adorable couple. I really hope they can develop their friendship even though her parents have decided to live so very far away...

Lil' Rockstar Turns 1

I was surprised at how dainty the Lil' Rockstar decided to eat her cake. Very un-rockstar-like behavior.

Lil' Rockstar has never had much of a sweet tooth. Because of this, once she polished off a good portion of her cake and frosting she turned into The Great Cornholio. She spazzed out until she finally passed out later that night.

The Skog Girls vs. The Most Annoying Toy in the World

We allowed Superstar and Toots to pick out a present for Rockstar and it seemed innocent enough in the package. However, once we got it loaded with batteries we realized that we had made a huge mistake.  This table is like the Devil Offspring of Sesame Street and the Budweiser Frogs.  If the Rockstar didn't enjoy it so much it would be on the curb awaiting the garbage truck.

The Hangover Starring the Lil' Rockstar

To be honest I'm not sure what the crap this video is.  I think the Rockstar was a bit hungover from the previous night's sugar high and apparently Wheels says something that her siblings will find humorous.

The Superstar Has a Secret...

When I saw this clip I was afraid that Superstar was falling victim to some sort of Mugatu-esque Disney brainwashing.  By the end I was glad to see that she was just fine.  Be sure to watch the clip to the finish.  It's worth it.


Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

I can't decide if I was supposed to laugh at the part of the clip when you said "everybody watch" or when you said "good job" just like dad use to do when he really didn't care what the crap we were trying to show him.

Wheels said...

LOL Sometimes while I'm taking videos I wonder if Priscilla will feel the same way about watching her young self in 20 years as her Uncle Marc feels about watching his young self in home videos. i.e Wants to punch his young self in the face.

Corbie said...

You're was worth it. Adorable.