Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Skog Family Week in Review

I hate starting out every blog post with "Sorry it's been awhile..." or "Time flies!" but by golly it's true.  I swear Toots' surgery seems like it was about three days ago, when in fact it's been nearly one month.  Since my last post we've had the plagues of vomit, colds, coughs and snow and I didn't even post a recap of one of the greatest March Madness Tourneys ever.  Life is crazy, my friends but we continue to fight through it.  Let's get to the review.

Toots' Thumb Recap and Report

I posted some brief recaps from Toots' thumb surgery LIVE! and EXCLUSIVE! from the hospital like a real reporter but here are a few more details.  Toots was a real trooper.  Other than the not-so-surprising vomit session she had in the car on the way home from surgery, she had no real issues.  Her thumb healed very quickly and seems to actually bend like a normal thumb.  Below is a video of the great unveiling a few days after her surgery.

An American Toots

I have mentioned to a few of you that the girls have been obsessing over An Americal Tail as of late.  It's kind of fun to have the kids watch flicks that you once enjoyed as a kid. 

Sick Superstar Is Under Quarantine

Everyone in the Skog Fam has had a bout with a sickness of some sort the past few months. If you don't think I am saving this video for when we are dragging Superstar's butt out of bed when she's 14 then you are kidding yourself.

How Wheels Spends 98% of Her Time

I often wonder how Wheels gets anything done. She spends most of her day in the kitchen begging, bribing, and fighting with the girls to get them to eat. Each child requires a different tactic - With the Rockstar we do the bait and switch - she is given something to distract her and when she opens her mouth we quickly throw a spoon in there.

At least the Rockstar also provides some quality conversation at the table. Here she is discussing healthcare reform:

Toots likes to pretend she is filming commercials:

How do we know when the Rockstar is full? This usually happens:

Wheels, you are a hero and a true warrior.

Special Delivery!  Another Special Delivery???

Another reason my updates have been coming less frequently is I had to send my laptop back to the factory for some much needed repairs. I came home from work and was excited to have my computer back.

However, the package was rejected and I'll be darned if they didn't mail me ANOTHER computer. Wacky!

Superstar Portfolio Vol. X

Since it's been awhile I needed to bring back a few gimmicks. I really like how Superstar continues to push the limits of creativity and abstract art. Mind blowing stuff, folks.

Vomit or X?

With all of the talks of vomit and other plagues I would be remiss if I didn't give you another edition of America's Favorite Gameshow.

Stay tuned for the Easter Report coming to you this Memorial Day!


Corbie said...

Not only does Wheels get all the girls fed but look how enthusiastic she is in that picture. She wins mom of the year.

My vote is 'not vomit'...though, I have no idea what else it could b.

brohammas said...

not vomit... not enough fluids.
looks like some sort of oatmeal cookie dough substance.

Mindy said...

I don't know what it is but I'm sure it's the result of a failed attempt at microwaving something.
I'm glad all the Skogs are feeling better. We have all missed your wit and charming girls.
p.s. what kind of video camera do you use? We're lookin' to upgrade.

kg said...

You are all correct. Not vomit. It was a baby cereal microwave explosion.

Mindy - I have a camcorder but it was a pain in the butt to upload the video clips so I am just using my digital camera for pics and videos. It's a Canon Powershot that I got at Costco a few years ago for like $200. Works like a champ.

Wheels said...

Actually it was turkey baby food. Yes, the Rockstar (is that the nickname we're still going with? Rockstar, Superstar...it's only fitting we call the other one SuperRock) takes her meat straight. Like father like daughter.