Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Skog Family Week in Review

Last summer we canceled our tv partially because of budgetary constraints and also just because there wasn't anything that we really watched during the summer months anyway.  Because of this we were forced to create our own shows.  We decided to do the same thing this year.  Here is what has been playing in the Skog home along with the TV Guide Episode Summary:

So Superstar Thinks She Can Dance?

A behind the scenes reality show about a young girl and her dreams of becoming the next Shirley Temple.  Watch as she tries to stay awake during late night rehearsals and taps her way into the hearts of America.

Commercial Break - Time Life Music Presents: The Skog Girls Sing the Songs of Summer

Remember the good old days when you could pick up a nice four record collection of hits through the mail and it wasn't a Kidz Bop album?  Well good news!  The Skog Sisters have brought this back!  Act now and you can receive this old timey favorite of Papa Dennis:

But that's not all!  The first twenty callers will also get this medley of Disney hits!

But wait!  There's more!  If you call in the next five minutes and use your credit card you'll also receive a bonus disc of Inspirational songs.

Operators are standing by!

Commercial Break - Superstar Has Fallen and She Can't Get Up

Strollers Can Be Dangerous.  Be safe out there this Summer.  The More You Know...

The Next Food Network Star

A young kitchen prodigy shows off her culinary skills, including kg's patented stir technique, to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Oprah's Search For the Next Talk Show Host

The World's Tiniest Rockstar attempts to become the World's Tiniest Talk Show Host.  Hilarity ensues when her guests can't understand her gibberish.

Cappy Gilmore's Blindside

Hilarity ensues when a homeless man (kg) is taken in by a Utah Family and he helps lead them to last place in their annual family golf tournament.  Disgusted with the outcome, the family Patriarch (The Oscar Nominated Big J) throws him back on the streets and kg is forced to steal the family van as well as the coveted "Brown Keg" and make a run for the border.

America's Next Top Supermodel

The stakes are raised when Wheels tells kg that there's no way his beard could get any worse.

Father's Day

Finally, what goes with this fine programming?  Popcorn of course.  I have successfully brainwashed the girls into loving my snack of choice.  Sadly, our popper had not been working well as of late and conveniently the Friday night before Father's Day it officially gave up the ghost.  On Saturday the girls quickly remedied this problem, although I don't think Rockstar was as excited as her older sisters were to give this gift.  She really wanted to go with the tie.  Perhaps if you didn't speak in gibberish, Rockstar, your voice would be heard.  Maybe next year.


Corbie said...

Superstars recital put Ryan's recital to shame...they actually look like they know what they're doing.

Cute pics of the girls. Try not to get any popcorn stuck in your beard.

brohammas said...

By worse beard you actually mean better, right?
Two lonely chin curls topped by a Tom Selek... YOu are in fact my hero.

You got a tap for that keg?