Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ben Folds Five Reunion - Final Update

Finally. Myspace has added the BF5 Reunion Concert. It can be seen in its entirety on Not only is that a catchy name it's good advice (front to back) especially for the ladies.

Watch it. Love it. See why KG cried.

Here are a few clips to wet the appetite of even the most cynical Skog Blog reader. On this first clip it was at approximately the 1:41 mark when KG may or may not have gotten a bit emotional...

1 comment:

Corbie said...

Well, I started crying WAY before the 1:41 mark. As in, crying laughing the minute I read the front to back advice.

Those are all my favorite songs I've heard of theirs so the music was a hit along with the humor.