Friday, October 31, 2008

Rinse. Wash. Repeat - Happy Halloween!

The Scariest Halloween Ever!

When your oldest child is only 4 years old there aren't many things that can come out of his/her mouth that strike fear in the heart of a parent. Perhaps repeating something rude and/or crude (but not my child!) that a parent says (I'm looking at you Wheels) in public or in church. I would dare say that my current least favorite/most feared phrase is, "Mommie, I just threw up."

About 2:28 in the AM this morning Wheels and I heard these frightening words come out of the mouth of Sweet Pea. Sadly (or fortunately) Wheels and I know exactly what to do in these situations. Wheels takes P into the bathroom and strips her out of her jammies and puts her in the tub while I remove the soiled sheets from her bed. I then stop by the bathroom, pick up the skanked up jammies and head downstairs to the tub and rinse out the vomit soaked items. Good times. 20 min later the laundry was going, the bed had clean sheets, a bathed P had on fresh jammies, a vomit bowl and a cup of 7-up and Wheels and I were back in bed and almost asleep.

Then it happened... A creaky door in the distance... The faint pitter patter of tiny feet... Could it be that in the midst of this financial crisis Wheels had found a golden arm and stolen it from a coffin and a spurned ghost was returning for vengeance??? The foot steps got closer and closer... Our bedroom door opened... I hid under the covers in fear and then heard the horrifying, whiny voice squeak out, "Mommie, I threw up... again!!!" Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


This is like the end of the movie when you think it's over but there is one last jump scene. So after we got P washed up and back in a clean bed she came in and wanted to sleep in our bed. Not wanting to take the chance of her losing whatever remained in her tiny stomach in our bed I volunteered to sleep in her bed with her. I defy someone to come up with a more hellish night then sleeping in a twin bed with a squirmy four year old who has recently thrown up in said bed twice in one hour's time. Not to mention when the four year old has the hiccups and so you lay in bed praying that the next hiccup won't bring more than you bargained for.

So on that note - Happy Halloween! Here are two classic videos to get you in the mood for tonight. Have a safe, fun and vomit free night!


Jen said...

Only you can tell a vomit story with such flourish. Happy Halloween indeed and keep your distance.

Kim said...

I am so sorry you guys. I hope P. is feeling better this morning.

Corbie said...

We have a vomit routine at our house also but it involves leaving the sheets in a pile to dry with vomit on them and then fighting over who will finally tackle the laundry a week later when the sheets are as stiff as a board. Your methods are enviably hygeinic and civilized.