Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pepsi Challenge

I didn't want it to have to come to this but let's take the Pepsi Challenge. Please post your vote in the comments.


Herms said...

B - no question, he's holding money, in fact he is holding 2000 dollars! Come OONNNN - bias poll!!

Besides at this point he is giving up his dreams of large telescopes in hopes that....someone....might.... like him (sniff sniff), and he just wants

Sorry i need minute

brohammas said...

Dude, B.
B has our childhood dreams of awkward space loving kid (no personal attachment here)winning women with wine soaked jackets and coed riding lawnmower rides.

A is a cool guy trying to convince us he is a nerd, a la apple computer guy.

Corbie said...

Or click here for 'A'.

And here for 'B'.

Pepsi challenge, my behind (notice how I didn't use profanity - do I get extra points for that?). That is like lemon-lime Shasta vs. Diet Coke with lime.

Vanwarmer said...

B, hands down. Who else could go from "totally geek to totally chic" so quickly? Only Ronald Miller.