Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Night - The Band That You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Welcome to New Music Monday Night. I have a special announcement tonight but first let's get to the music. I recently saw the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and loved it. In the film Michael Cera's fictional band, The Jerkoffs, open for a real life band by the name of Bishop Allen. I was reminded of how much I enjoy that little band. Bishop Allen consists of two friends who lived together on Bishop Allen Drive after attending Harvard University. They put out their first album, Charm School in 2003 after recording songs in their bedroom for a few years. In 2006 they decided to create an EP every month in order to help master the art of songwriting. Finally in 2007 they were signed to a major label and released their second album, The Broken String in July.

Here is a small sampling of their songs:

Click, Click, Click, Click from the Broken String

Middle Management with footage from Nick and Norah

Things Are What You Make of Them (Sorry this video sucks so bad)

So perhaps you liked them? Perhaps you did not. IRREGARDLESS, I would like to announce that Bishop Allen is coming soon in concert to our neck of the woods. I have never seen them live. The only person I know who has seen Bishop Allen many times is Flanksteak (zing!) Because of this I would like to announce the First Annual (bi-annual, quarterly, who knows) Skog Blog Meet, Greet and Mingle. On November 14th (it's a Friday don't worry) Bishop Allen will be playing at Kilby Court. Tickets are only $8. Have you ever wondered what Vanwarmer looks like? Interested in meeting AB or KG in person? Per chance you are intrigued as to how hot Wheels really is? Or maybe you would like to spend the night engaged in conversation with Corbie or Spammon? Everyone is invited (even you Brohammas, book your flight.) More details will follow depending on interest level. Skog Bloggers already confirmed to be in attendance are KG, Wheels, AB, Vanwarmer, Flanksteak and his lovely wife. Come on readers, dinner and a night of good tunes. It's cheaper than a movie. I'll even provide the nametags...


Rob said...

I like the sound of this org.... anized gathering for good tunes. Will you send me weekly reminders complete with a countdown. :)

brohammas said...

Maybe if I start selling my plasma now, I'll ba able to fly out.

I'd saythis is the party of the century.

Anonymous said...

I have e-ticket, I have printed it off, and I am excited to meet and greet the skog blog group.

I have been enjoying bishop allen...a lot, and this should be a fun show!

Is there somewhere we should meet, then eat, then greet?