Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Night - The Music You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Special Concert Edition

This week those of us in the Greater Salt Lake Valley will actually have some choices for excellent concerts. Sadly thanks to the piss poor economy I had to choose only one show to attend but that won't stop me from spreading the love and offering choices to my dear readers of The Skog Blog.

First up - tomorrow night and my personal choice for the week - Mr. Ray LaMontagne. This concert was scheduled for the Murray Theater but 'due to popular demand' it was moved to Saltair. Saltair is THE worst venue in the state and I dare say the world. Oh well, I will press on. Tix are only $18 and should be an excellent show. Tix available at Smithtix.

Here are a couple of my favorite Ray selections.



How Come (apparently this was in The Devil Wears Prada - who knew?)

Also tomorrow night at the E-Center is Jason Mraz. I know, I know. A lot of people like to hate on Mraz but I happen to like the guy. Wheels and I had the pleasure of seeing him open for Gomez before his debut album came out and he was awesome live. It was just him, a stand up bass player and his bongo playin sidekick Toca Rivera who sings and harmonizes with the voice of an angel. I have seen Mraz a few times so I opted for Ray but I do love me some Mraz. This is him way back in the day, 2002 when I saw him the first time. I'm pretty sure the E-Center show won't be as good as seeing him in a coffee shop but enjoy this anyway...

On Love, In Sadness

Wednesday night another quality show comes to town. I am very upset that I will be missing this show but something about me being gone all last week at a trade show and wanting to stay married to Wheels so I will have to miss out on Joshua Radin and Missy Higgins. Both are attractive and talented singer/songwriters. I would LOVE to see this show. Don't be foolish like me. Attend this one. Wednesday 10/29 at In The Venue. Tix are only $15 for the both of them and are available on

Where I Stood

Steer (Kind of has an Alanis thing going on with this song)

Winter - Joshua Radin

Only You - (I realize this isn't cover song Sat Night but this is too good)

Star Mile

Enjoy the shows my friends.

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Corbie said...

We like Jason Mraz at our house - Morgan is playing one of his songs on his guitar so we give him a listen now and then. I like Ray too. Good choices this week (you know - cuz I like them).