Sunday, March 29, 2009

The New and Improved Skog Blog

Here at the Skog Home we are finally settling into a semi groove with the Little Rockstar and our new life as parents of three. Because of this I have decided to attempt to bring the Skog Blog back to its former glory and perhaps even improve it. We shall see. Realistically it won't be much different than it was in the past other than adding a few new gimmicks that will be explained as we go along. Please refer to the handy 'Skog Blog Schedule' to your left.

As King of the Skog Blog, I have decreed that Sunday Nights will forever more be known as 'The Skog Family Week in Review.' The Mission Statement of the Skog Blog states that this blog will discuss My Girls, My Music and My Yerba Mate. I figure that if I keep to the schedule it will allow those that might only have an interest in one or two of the Skog Blog missions to read on those days that are applicable to their interests. Of course, everyone is more than welcome to visit us everyday and join in the discussions when prompted.

I realized during the drama involving the Little Rockstar that there are many family members and friends that we do not get to see or interact with often enough and hopefully these little reviews of our week will allow them to see the girls as they grow. I figure worst case scenario I have the opportunity to post adorable pics of the girls. Just don't come here on Sunday nights expecting to discuss Obama's latest stimulus package - when I say 'Skog Family Week in Review' that's exactly what I mean and when the girls are under the age of 4 it entails some PRETTY exciting stuff. You have been warned.

Introducing the Little Rockstar - Lil' J

According to our very scientific, experimental weighing procedure that involves Elise getting on the scale without Josie, getting a weight and then me handing her the baby, Lil' J has broken the 6 lb barrier. Wheels and I were chatting today and it still seems bizarre that she wasn't even due until next week. Lil' J continues to eat well and is blowing through enough diapers that I wanted to change her nickname to 'Squirt' but that was quickly shot down by P who is fond of the Little Rockstar name.

Sorry about the pics - you either get the Grumpy Old Man 'Don't Flash that Friggin Light In My Face' or the 'Why Did You Turn Off the Flash and Make Me Blurry." Either way she's still adorable.

Not as adorable is KG ruining a pic of her but I wanted one to show her tiny size so we had to choose the largest object in the house which is my gut.

A Couple More of Toots and P With Lil' J

And yes, Toots IS a Dapper Dan Man. Thanks for asking.

Toots Moves In With P

This week we moved a bed for Toots into P's Room and although both girls seemed very excited, Toots quickly learned that unlike her crib, she can bail out of this bed and so we are still weening her from the crib.

Toots vs. The Jumpy Slide

One of the greatest purchases I ever made was what P refers to as the Jumpy Slide. A few years ago, Wheels was having a horrible day and P needed a place to burn off some of her two year old energy so I picked up an inflatable jump n slide from Toys R Us and it has been a welcome addition to the Skog Home ever since. We have attempted to have Toots play on it many times but she has been either disinterested or too scared until this week. Toots embraced her inner Wheels Family and conquered her fears of the jumpy slide. I love the fact that when both Toots and P first slid down the jumpy slide it was head first. None of this weak, wimpy, butt slide like their old man. Head first, zeal for life, just like their mother. I couldn't be prouder.


Kim said...

It's a good thing the girls took after their mother. The dad is kind of a wuss. Keep the udpate and pics coming.

Corbie said...

I like the new layout, the new schedule, the new child. Not as likeable is that I don't own one of those bouncy things...we might have to invite ourselves over to play. Adorable pics.

Wheels said...

I didn't realize I had such old looking grandma hands.

Jen said...

I do care more about your girls than your Yerba mate or music. So thanks for the updates. I also like the new schedule. Very ambitious. Elise - I did not notice any grandma hands. Come take a look at my hands and you will feel fresh and young as a teenager.

Unknown said...

Your girls look so cute!

Unknown said...

M is maddie. I need to fix my name.

kg said...

Kim - It is definitely a good thing they take after their mother. I need to find the footage of myself at the Sand Dunes when I was 12. A highlariously sad display of wussery.

Corbie - Those bouncy things are the best. Everyday is a low budget carnival at the Skog home.

Wheels - Your hands aren't grandma hands they are just wise. I'm not even sure what that means.

Jen - There is no reason to not like my Yerba Mate. Anybody could have gotten your son addicted to it. At least it was his favorite Uncle and not a stranger.

M - Welcome to the Skog Blog. I say don't change your name, I like
the Talented Ms. M. It's mysterious.

Mindy said...

Okay. I've lurked long enough (that sounds so creepy). I have to comment. I love the new layout, love that you have 3 beautiful girls (dads of girls rock)and I love that you are as psycho about Mate as Greg is. It tastes like hot, wet hay. Whatever.

Mug said...

I too have been lurking. The Skog Blog makes me want to be part of the family. Your girls are so cute.

kg said...

Mindy - Lurk away or better yet comment away. I need to get together with Greg and drink some Mate, or as we would refer to it in Punta Arenas, la bebida celestial.

Mug - At this point you basically are a part of my family. Thanks for the kind words.