Monday, March 30, 2009

New Music Monday Night

When The Skog Blog first came online Monday Night was the night for new music. Those good old days have returned. The tunes that will be discussed on New Music Monday Night are albums that are either a brand new release or at least a group or album that is new to KG. Thems the rules. There have been many great releases so far this year and I could spend all night sharing them but I should probably save some of them for the upcoming weeks. So tonight let's discuss three albums.

FYI - Instead of posting Youtube clips as I have done in the past, I have used a different service. You can click on the links to give the song clips a listen or right click them and 'save as' if you happen to enjoy them.

First up - Grrrr - Bishop Allen.

I know what you are thinking, I really do. 'Seriously, enough with the Bishop Allen crap.' Sorry folks, I will continue to promote this band until I have converted every family member and friend that I have. I had the pleasure of seeing them live once again this past Thursday and it was a much better decision than sitting home and watching Duke get knocked out of the NCAA tourney by 25 points. I defy you to listen to these songs and not have either the urge to dance or at least smile. I told Wheels after listening to this album non stop for several days this was the kind of album that you want to blast while driving the coast of California in a convertible and singing at the top of your lungs. Get it now so you can memorize the songs before Summer - that is if it ever stops snowing this year.

Speaking of Duke, here is an album that unlike the Blue Devils' hoops team, won't let you down. The Duke Spirit. They are a band based out of the UK and to be honest I'm not sure what this album is called. In some places it is called Neptune but apparently you can buy it at Target and it is a self titled album. Find it, buy it, or download it. The lead singer of The Duke Spirit is a modern day Grace Slick and this album sounds like the soundtrack to the best Guy Ritchie flick that has yet to be filmed.

On March 31 (tomorrow) the most anticipated album of 2009 so far will be released. Skog Blog Favorites, Gomez, return with their sixth studio album, A New Tide. I was able to obtain an advanced copy of the album and trust me it does not disappoint.

One thing to keep in mind with a Gomez album - it is not going to blow you away upon first listen. You need to give it several listens and each time you will uncover a different reason to give it another spin. That's not to say that it's dull or unremarkable. It's layered, complex and you will be rewarded for your efforts.


brohammas said...

Gomez is like an onion

kg said...

Exactly. Well said my large, green friend.

Corbie said...

Well, I agree that Gomez is like an onion that eventually makes you cry happy tears (it took me awhile but I came around a month or so ago). But if this is the case, Bishop Allen is like mayo that makes you want to gag.

And if you try to call me your large green friend, I will kill you - women don't like that sort of thing.