Friday, July 10, 2009

News and Whimsy

Bon Iver/Jenny Lewis Concert Review - The music was better than I could have even hoped. The way Bon Iver was able to recreate the songs from the album was amazing and Jenny Lewis looked and sounded fantastic. However the crowd was worse than I imagined possible. Too many people, especially high school kids talking on cell phones. People! If you don't want to listen to the music why do you come to concerts? Never ceases to boggle my mind. Sorry. (End of rant).

I have been trying to get my nephew, Brandon, to do a guest playlist or post on The Skog Blog for sometime because underneath the quiet exterior is a very witty writer who likes good tunes and road trips to Seattle to see obscure indie/punk bands. I guess the reason he's been giving me the brush off is because he's busy filming a mockumentary about the trials and tribulations of gangsters in a small Utah County town. Pretty good stuff - comparing the quality of this to my childhood and high school movie attempts would be like comparing The Godfather to The Adventures of Pluto Nash. FYI - Brandon is the tall, skinny kid in the black suit who has the longest legs seen on screen since Jack Skellington.

Grew up listening to The Smothers Brothers records with Big J and always loved this song. However here is a sad and bizarre story not quite as funny.

Many of you are tired of the endless MJ tributes but this site is a pretty cool time waster.


Jen said...

I saw the "vat" story as well and I was among the few, but proud in our generation that sang to myself "He fell into a vat of chocolate."

I haven't had a chance to check out Brandon's movie. I will have to do so.

Kim said...

Good heavens. I have never really thought about the ramifications of falling in a vat of chocolate. Poor guy.

Corbie said...

I tried to click on the song but it gives me an error (which I'm kind of happy about because I have a feeling it is some sort of trick...again).

Glad you enjoyed the Jenny Lewis peep show (er, I mean concert).

kg said...

Song is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up and enjoy walking around the rest of the day singing, 'la lee doo dum la lee doo dum day.'

Joshua said...

If I jumped up and down on the railing behind the "cess pool" we could catch a glimpse of Bon Ivers hair. Kristy and I tried to get to Kyara to leave early since she had a 8:30 soccer game the next morning. She refused, she wanted to hear "blood bank". It was as if Bon Iver heard us through the masses and started playing it right then and there (that or he had run out of songs) =) Either way, amazing show.