Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Some of you may or may not have noticed that The Skog Blog went on a little hiatus. What happened? Sickness? Lack of sleep drove KG and Wheels to the brink of madness and we've spent the past two weeks wandering the Earth in search of zen and enlightenment? Actually, Wheels and the girls were out visiting her padres in NV and KG used his 'bachelor days' eating sushi, some good (Mikado) some not so good (Simply Sushi), watching crappy movies (I wish I could blame Flanksteak but both movies were my choice) and catching up on TV Shows and sleep. The good news is that I have plenty of pics to share from the past two weeks. The bad news is that you have to read it and watch our boring slideshows. If you think my post about Yellowstone was tiresome you ain't seen nothing - Enjoy!

Toots Writes the Great American Novel

Before Wheels headed out on the road someone had to pay for our expenses. We put Toots to work and she cranked out a fantastic new novel and will be writing the guest playlist this week. I have a feeling it will only consist of 'Old McDonald' and 'The ABB's' but it will be fun IRregardless.

The Little Rockstar Update

Before I get too far into this post, here is your Little Rockstar Report. She has decided that binkies suck and thumbs, in fact, do not suck.

Lunchtime Is Not Fun

When P gets in new situations she goes into super spaz mode. Long time readers will remember that getting P to eat is never a good time and even worse when she's trying to 'impress' her friends and/or family. My favorite part of this clip is when the always mild mannered Papa D tries to feed her (for the record, this isn't his first attempt) and has to give up in disgust. I'm seriously not sure what we are going to do with P. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments section.

Swimming Is Fun

Although meal time is the worst time at the Skog home, water time is the best. Doesn't matter if it is an inflatable pool, bath tub, water storage facility or a tub used to bathe a large dog, the Skog girls love them some water time.

P Rides A Bike

Here is your KG Fun Fact of the week: KG is a big wuss (not the new fact because this is common knowledge) and has the balance of an old woman with a severe case of vertigo. Because of this I have never been able to walk across a balance beam and I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was eight years old and needed to participate in the Cub Scout Bike Rodeo. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, my friends.

Lake Tahoe On The Rocks (Ain't No Big Surprise)

In another example of the apple not falling too far from Wheels' tree, the girls headed up to spend the day at Lake Tahoe. The beaches were too crowded and the Skogs would have just said, "oh well" and headed home. Not the Wheels family. Being the troopers that they are they found a nice place on some rocks and had a very enjoyable day at the 'beach.' We actually made a second trip up to Tahoe and got there early enough for a beach locale and P said it wasn't nearly as fun as her day on the rocks.

100 Degree Weather Causes Night Madness

The only downside to a day spent in 100 degrees is that it causes madness not seen since Ren and Stimpy were in space.

Too Hot To Go Outside

So what do you do when it's too hot to go outside? Spend the day making a fort with Grammie D.

Wheels' Little Bro Heads to YerbaMate Country

One of the main reasons the girls were out in NV was to spend some time with Wheels' little brother Jason before he headed off on his mission. He reported to the MTC in Buenos Aires on July 23 and it's probably for the best that I wasn't there when he flew out because I would have stowed away in his bag for a chance to get to Yerba country. Best of luck to Jason, we know he'll be great.

Tahoe On the Sand

As previously stated, the girls had such a great time in Tahoe that they made me go back with them once I arrived in NV. I'm the fat guy with the 49ers shirt on, not like I have a hairy back or anything, just didn't want to get sunburned...

Scheels, The World's Greatest Store???

In Reno there is a sporting goods store called Scheels that is so friggin awesome I would live there if only it had a music section and wi-fi. Toots especially loved the fish and P couldn't believe it had a ferris wheel.

The Power That Makes the World Go Round

The highlight of my trip out to NV, other than seeing my girls of course, was seeing my boy, Mr. Huey Lewis and scratching the number one band off of my 'never seen in concert' list. Only a few of the original members of The News remained at this point but the band was able to crank out the hits all night long. The concert took place on a golf course as part of The Lake Tahoe Music Festival and so the crowd wasn't exactly the usual concert goers that I see. More of a wine and cheese crowd than a t-shirt and shorts kind of people as witnessed in the following pics:

Portable wine and cheese table

50 year old dude in capris

Sadly none of my pics or footage do the concert justice. It was attended also by my pals Vanwarmer and Flanksteak and trust me there were plenty of older women who would have liked to be in a warm van with them.

Many laughs were had over the evening but my favorite line was a text received from my cousin Dave after I texted him with, "Finally seeing Huey Lewis after 33 years, wish you were here..." His reply, "The fact that you are even thinking about me is the power of love." Wise words, my friends. I love you all. Thanks for reading this crap.


Corbie said...

It was all good stuff but my favorite was the bike riding...we've been trying to hide for years that Morgan still can't ride a bike so I'm happy to be in good company. Glad you're back!

kg said...

When I say I could 'ride' a bike at 8 I mean I could stand the bike up and balance myself on the curb and take off. I was probably 10 or 11 before I could just hop on and go. Didn't help that my bike was stolen shortly after I started riding. I hate bikes.