Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

This week we have Halloween Tricks and Treats, some movie stars and we get to introduce a new star to the Skog Blog Family.  Let's get to it...

Introducing Baby Lambchop

One of the reasons this week's review was delayed somewhat was I wanted to get approval to show off the newest edition to the Skog Family, Baby Lambchop.  Big J, KG and Flanksteak are about as good at producing men as the Jazz are at stopping their opponents from scoring in the 4th quarter.  Luckily for us we have nearly mastered the art of producing adorable girls and Baby Lambchop is no exception.  She was born to Flanksteak and E almost two months ago and this doll is already breaking hearts around the neighborhood and attempting to break records previously set by Skog girls of the number of times people say the words "Cutest thing ever" when they see her.  And to top it all off, she may or may not already be the favorite of Grammie Sue.  Congrats to Flanksteak and E.  Very nicely done, indeed.

Scary Pumpkins!  Scary Pumpkins!

Flanksteak and his family joined us this year for the pumpkin carving extravaganza.  Wheels and I provided a tasty dinner of ice cold fajitas (KG taps his chest and says, "my bad") and Flanksteak and E brought the pumpkins and dessert.  Win win for everyone.  P had a great time this year and even stuck her hand into the pumpkin to feel its guts.  2oots, on the other hand, was a bit freaked out by the pumpkins which she found to be both yucky and scary.  Not only did she come running down the hall about 1 AM screaming "Scary Pumpkins!  Scary Pumpkins!" but the next day she wouldn't play outside unless we turned the pumpkins' faces in the other direction.

Other than 2oots, an enjoyable evening was had by all.  If great times like these can't convince Flanksteak and his family to move up north, perhaps a new In N Out Burger could.  Stay tuned.

Lil' J is the Gatekeeper

I'm not sure what in the world Lil J was trying to do this week as she ate her lunch.  Wheels thought that perhaps she was trying to recreate 'The Rat' while I thought she was doing an impersonation of Zuul from Ghostbusters.  I think we settled on some sort of toad.

Mary Katherine Gallagher P

Due to her clumsiness, ability to spazz out like none other and her occasional declarations of weird smells enjoyed, Wheels and I wonder if our little star P is turning into a true Superstar.  Pictures like these found on the camera this week will do nothing to help resolve said fears.

Halloween 2009

And now for your obligatory Halloween Photo shoots.  Super(star) Girl was a real trooper this year as she ran from house to house and collected as much candy as possible.  Our little witch 2oots carried her pumpkin bucket around for 2 days leading up to Halloween and thoroughly enjoyed the Trunk or Treat that we attended.  Unfortunately she was quickly knocked out of commission when the real Trick or Treating came around when she tripped while chasing Super(star) Girl and spilled her candy all over our neighbor's driveway.  Once I got her settled down we headed up to the third house and the knockout blow was delivered - Our neighbor came to the door in a skeleton mask dancing to The Monster Mash and our little witch had no spells to deflect her fear.  I dropped her off at home and she was able to concoct a mean brew of candy and Backyardigans to make her feel better.


flanksteak said...

That is the cutest damn baby I have ever seen.

Corbie said...

I agree and I don't even share her DNA.

Jen said...

I loved watching Toots get freaked out. It is about time P beat Toots out in something involving food. Toots will eat it, but not touch it apparently. I bet it was not quite as funny at 1 in the morning, however.

If I recall correctly, it is a Halloween visit that got you seriously thinking of moving up this way.

One more thing, I can't help but comment that I think that baby is definitely the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Skye said...

thanks, I enjoyed that article. My favorite line of all time too has to be with Jack in his tux, "it's after 6, what am I a farmer?"