Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Skog Family Week in Review

The Rockstar Report

The Lil' Rockstar is coming up on her first birthday.  Over the holidays she came down with a case of walking (crawling) pneumonia and wouldn't eat.  Her weight kept plummeting and Wheels was getting very concerned.  Because of this we have upped her calorie intake and have given her the green light to eat anything - cheerios, socks, or whatever crumbs she can find on the floor.  She has surged to 17.25 lbs and has almost caught up to the first year weight of her big sisters.

The Razor Companies Lie to Us

For years I have been told that women love a man who is clean shaven.  I have also been told that if I have a clean shaved face I can speed skate, ride a motorcycle and slam dunk a basketball.  Well, they are liars.  You might remember my glorious beard from the previous post.  I decided that because of the dry winter I needed to give my face a fresh start and remove the crusty hair from my face.  The Lil' Rockstar did NOT approve of my decision.  Thanks a lot, Gillette, now my baby won't even let me look at her.

Fort Skog

Superstar's New Glasses

Skoggy Alive

For Christmas of 2008, Santa brought the Superstar a Baby Alive doll.  Talk about a racket.  Sure the baby can eat and drink and go the bathroom and little kids love it but all that means is that we have to buy the special 'Baby Alive Food' and 'Baby Alive Diapers', give me a break.  I decided to get in on the action.  Coming Christmas 2010 - Skoggy Alive.  So far we have programmed her to eat, drink, sleep, go potty and crawl.  Checkout the prototype below.  She is sure to be a hot seller so get in your orders early before you have to pay triple the price on eBay.  Now accepting orders at skoggyalive@theskogblog.com.

We Are (clap, clap) #1

Superstar and her cousins Millie and Madzy Padzy spent the past week attending Mini Cheer camp at the local high school.  The clips below are of the girls doing their cheers and dancing during the halftime show of the basketball game.  I realize that Madzy Padzy isn't actually my child but I'm pretty sure that Superstar and Toots think that she is in fact their older sister so I included her clip as well. Also, Madzy's mom, Jen, is so busy right now with school that she won't get around to posting about this until spring break so I figured I would help her out.  In a few more years we'll have Toots and the Rockstar joining Superstar and Millie mini cheering and soon enough Madzy will be able to remove the 'mini' from her title.  She is a talented gal.  Sidenote - We feared that the Rockstar would hate the noise of the crowd but like a true rockstar, she couldn't get enough of it.  I might have a new companion to take with me to the Jazz games.

Valentine's Day

The Skog Girls are definitely girly, girls and are big fans of Valentine's Day.  I swear they didn't lick the knives while frosting any of the cookies that we delivered to their friends (wink).

Superstar Pics of the Week

And of course, here is P's portfolio of the week.  Until next week...


Kim said...

So many things to comment on this week.

Way to go Josie on the weight gain!
Love the new glasses and the dancing.
The video with Josie and your freshly shaven beard was hysterical.
I hope the sickness stays away for a while.

Wheels said...

All three girls woke up with snotty noses this morning. Thanks for jinxing us, Kim.

Jen said...

I honestly cannot believe that Josie gained that much weight that fast. So cool. I love the pictures of the matching child and doll and of course Josie versus the beard.

Your comments on your girls thinking Maddie is their sister will make her day for sure, because she loves all the little nieces so much.

Last thing, thanks for the optimistic comment that I would post that by spring break - seeing as I didn't even take a camera to the event. If you could continue to include their "sister" in the week in review that would help me out a lot.

Corbie said...

Wow - you really outdid yourself this week. Loved it all - the fort, the glasses, the crying because Dad is so creepy. And I can't believe how good those tween-age girls are at that dance - impressive.