Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Music Thursday??

Yes, it is Thursday. Yes, I'm a few days late. Deal with it. Tonight I have a special treat for you, loyal Skog Blog Readers. A local band coming straight out of the greater O-town area - The Codi Jordan Band. When you first hear this band you might say, "hmm, sounds like Jack Johnson mixed with Sublime." However, after repeated spins of the disc or plays on your personal listening device you will realize that it is much more. They have a sound that is familiar yet fresh. An excellent combo of folk, pop and reggae. You can hear and purchase their album on either of the following websites:

I'm personally quite fond of Mess and Snow Falls Down and Shake Suga Shake will be the song of the Summer of 2009. Mark my words. It is that damn catchy. In fact, if there is one beef with this album it is that it came out during the wrong time of the year. It definitely feels like the type of album you would blast while having a BBQ with friends in the summer. With some good fortune and support from all of us, by the time summer rolls around the Codi Jordan Band will be picking up steam and blaring from car stereos from coast to coast. Give it a listen. Buy one for yourself and one for your closest 10 friends. It will make a great Christmas gift and stocking stuffer.


Corbie said...

I like Snow Falls Down and Problems. I see what you are trying to do here, though. You are trying to reel me in with the folk description, and Brohammas in with the reggae description, and Flanksteak in with the pop description (you know - since you once told me how much he loves Britney Spears). It's a good thing you aren't a drug dealer - you really pull out all the stops to sell your goods.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are talking about. I watch the Sucker-Free Countdown every Sunday afternoon on MTV2. (Pops shirt)

brohammas said...

Dude, don't throw new tunes at me when I'm on the road and don't have access to a personal computer... not cool.

Flanksteak, you aren't foolin any one with your sucker free business. We all you are more of a 106 & Park kind of guy.