Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Night The Music You Should Be Listening To Right Now: Christmas Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's the time for giving - so prepare yourself loyal Skog Blog readers, I plan on giving you plenty of good tunes over the next few weeks. Let's start with some of my favorite Christmas albums of all time that should be in everyone's rotation during the holidays.

The Carpenters: Christmas Portrait

I don't care if FM100 or KOZY or any other stupid radio station starts playing Christmas tunes on November 1st (ok I do care - it bugs the crap out of me) - the season does not begin until you decorate your tree while listening to the sweet sounds of Karen and Richard Carpenter singing carols. Try not to shed a tear while you watch these little clips.

Next up is Andy Williams. I have many memories of listening to this on vinyl at my Grandpa Strat's house, on 8-Track in my old man's Buick and over the loud speakers at the Winegars Grocery Store while singing with my buddy Jeremy as we stocked the shelves. "It's the Holiday season... so whoop dee doo..." Good times.

And now here is a song that many have tried but only one has truly mastered. Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song.

Nothing screams "Merry Christmas" more than our Jewish friend Big Neil singing praises to the newborn king.

A relatively new entry into my Christmas album rotation is Stevie's Christmas Collection. Fantastic stuff.

Last but not least is my favorite Christmas album of all time. Mr. Connick, Jr's first album of holiday classics and some originals. If you don't own this album you are either related to the Grinch or Ebeneezer Scrooge. Go out and buy it today or I'll send the Spirits of Christmas to come a knocking on your door.


Corbie said...

The Carpenters are great (and a very close second) but no one beats the Jewish boy from Brooklyn when it comes to Christmas music (particulary not Stevie Wonder...what the...?).

kg said...

I'm not sure what you have against Stevie. This isn't the first time you've badmouthed him on the Skog Blog. You don't see me slandering Garth Brooks' Christmas album (although I would rather listen to Twisted Sister Christmas album than a country Christmas...) Oh wait I just did slander his 'good' name. Uh, Let there be peace on Earth and Good Will towards Men.

Corbie said...

And now you're a sexist with your "Good Will Toward Men" crap. Whatever, I'll forgive you - it's Christmas. Can we meet in the middle with Jewel's Christmas album?

kg said...

Isn't every one of Jewel's albums a Christmas album? Singing of peace, tiny hands and love? Sounds like Christmas.

brohammas said...

There is a compilation of Louis Armstrong and Sinatra that has bumped my Toni Braxton Christmas album out of rotation. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas has wedged it's way into Marlee's head and it's killing me.

As for the Carpenter's...
Anyone who knocks off a Norman Rockwell painting is #1 in my book.