Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Member of the Skog Blog List

I would like to welcome 'Anyhoodle...' to the Skog Blog list. It is the comedic thoughts and tales from the life of my cousin and her family. Anyhoodle was actually one of the first blogs I ever started reading and frankly should have been an original member of my Blog List. She is a funny, funny gal. Read and enjoy.


Corbie said...

Am I nuts or do she and Kim look alike? I'm going to be really emabarassed if you tell me it's from another side of the family or something.

I love her blog - and her hair :)

kg said...

I would say that you are correct. They do indeed look alike. All of those who come from the Strat and Kay Loosle gene pool share some similarities.

tara said...

dude? a shout out? on the skog blog?
i am complete.

kirk will you email me your address? it's card time. maybe upon receipt of the d family card YOU'LL also be complete.