Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas - # 5

Song of the Year - # 5

I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie

Apparently the Song of the Year list has just become a way for me to make amends for cutting albums from my Top 12 because Death Cab's Narrow Stairs was another 'honorable mention' type album for me this year. This song was the first single and is as good as anything Death Cab For Cutie has ever done. I'm usually not a big fan of the jam band/instrumental kind of music (In no way am I saying Death Cab is a jam band - just wanted to clarify that) but the album version of this song is much better than the radio edit. The beginning of this song goes on for more than 4 minutes and the bass groove just hypnotizes you. Any song that is ballsy enough to slowly build to a climax better deliver the goods. By the time Ben Gibbard breaks in with his vocals you will be in a trance and ready to be possessed in your heart or something like that. Great song.

Album of the Year - # 5

Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In the Grain

Savvy Skog Blog readers will recognize the name of Ray LaMontagne. He was also featured on a New Music Monday post before Big Al and myself had the opportunity of seeing him perform live for the first time in our lives. What an amazing concert which featured this album nearly in its entirety. Gossip In The Grain is Ray's third album and the man just keeps getting better and more confident with each release. There is nary a bad track on this album, in fact I'm not sure if LaMontagne has ever written a bad track. Pick up all 3 of his albums and you will not be disappointed.


lindsey said...

Death Cab is my second favorite band. I can listen to their records all the way through, over and over again. I made Spammon go to their concert with me last spring, the weather was a let down and shortened their show, but they were still awesome.

My favorite song off of Narrow Stairs is Cath.

kg said...

Death Cab does put on a great show. I missed their show at Thanksgiving Point but saw them at UVSC a few years back. Good stuff. Cath is very solid as well. The whole album is.

brohammas said...

OK I thought I'd like this dude because he looks like Grizzly Adams. But now I think he looks more like John the Baptist, because he sings like an angel.

Hey my word verify is "hypoless"
good description of me..

kg said...

Ray does sing like an Angel. A husky, bearded angel. Glad you like.