Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas - # 3

Song of the Year - # 3

I Need A Life - The Born Ruffians

This video is kind of lame. I apologize. But this song is fanfriggintastic. This is from the debut album by the Born Ruffians called, Red, Yellow and Blue that is the kind of album the Violent Femmes would put out if they were just starting out in 2008. The album has Rock, Punk, Folk and a pinch of Country and this is my favorite song from the album.

Album of the Year - # 3

R.E.M. - Accelerate

Full Disclosure: R.E.M. is my second favorite band of all time just behind Ben Folds Five and in my book they have yet to put out a bad album. Sadly, I am one of the few that has this opinion. However, I am please to inform you all that the reported demise of R.E.M. and alternative rock in general has been greatly exagerated. After their classic album, Automatic For the People (the greatest album of all time...) many people jumped ship when R.E.M. changed directions and went with a more guitar driven sound on Monster. Since then I've heard many people, including several 'fans' talk about how badly R.E.M. now suck. Well guess what? Anybody who bailed on them and hasn't listened to Accelerate needs to put the album on repeat and become reconverted to the gospel of Stipe. This album is as good as anything the boys from Athens, GA have ever released. Catchy tunes, insightful lyrics, angry protest songs and reflective ballads can all be found on Accelerate. If you are a fan who has lost your religion or a music investigator looking for a band to take you to the great beyond give this album a listen.

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Corbie said...

FINALLY! A band we can agree on! REM would make just about any top ten list of mine. I knew as you got closer to #1 you'd start seeing the light. I totally know Tracy's going to make it on the list now...

P.S. I can't believe you've kept up on these every single day. With your rate of blogging, I had you falling behind at roughly #8 :) Well done!