Monday, December 22, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas - # 4

Song of the Year - # 4

The Twist - Frightened Rabbit

My Creative Zen MP3 player loves this song. I swear that everytime I turned on 'shuffle' I would hear this song and I always liked it. During an extremely poignant scene in the season premiere of Chuck this season they played this song. I was reminded of its brilliance and proceeded to listen to it approximately 100 times these past few months.

Album of the Year - # 4

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

The Seldom Seen Kid is not going to jump right out and blow you away upon first listen. This is an album that needs some nurturing and time to realize its genius. Everything about this album is well thought out, from the liner notes and cd jacket design (yes I actually purchased this album) to the lyrics. Each song conjures up an image and is extremely dramatic. Kid is the fourth album from Elbow and song for song their best work to date. Bones of You, One Day Like This, Weather to Fly, Mirrorball and Grounds for Divorce are unbelievable songs. Be patient. Give this album a few chances and you will be rewarded.


Corbie said...

Nice touch with the 'cue the Queen CD' headline...

So, I like the scared bunny song but the Elbow stuff is going to have to grow on me.

Oh, and you only have three spots left to get Tracy in...just an fyi.

kg said...

You always have been one for a scared bunny so that doesn't surprise me.

I won't be shocked and/or hurt if Elbow is the worst received by Skog Blog readers of all albums on the list. The only people I've ever met who like Elbow are Flanksteak, VanWarmer, Van's buddy Dave and Pete Yorn. It's an exclusive club and not for everyone.