Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas - # 9

Song of the Year - # 9

27 Jennifers - Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty is the former frontman of the band Soul Coughing that was popular back in the mid 90's. After they disbanded he has gone on to have a solid solo career, releasing several live albums and EP's. 27 Jennifers comes from the album Golden Delicious that is an overlooked gem of an album from this past year. The official video for this song was a tad bit freaky so enjoy this audio only version.

Album of the Year - # 9

Jamie Lidell - Jim

Jamie Lidell is one funky white boy. The first time I heard him I did not picture him as a geeky British guy. I mean look at the cover of his album - he looks like he should be the leader of a band like Weezer and not the producer of one of the best soul albums of the year. Jim is Jamie's second album and greatly improves upon the formula that he created with his debut album Multiply. Perhaps the reason I enjoy this album so much is that I wish I had the singing chops of Lidell. One thing I do know for certain is that Jim will put a smile on your face, a hop in your step and make even the least coordinated of us tap his toe to the beat. And yes I said 'his' toe and no I wasn't being sexist. Watching my friends and I dance would not be fun unless this upbeat album were in some way involved.


Corbie said...

I'm such a loser - I don't even know half of the bands and songs you are posting. Any chance of Tracy Chapman yet?

kg said...

You aren't a loser it's just that this isn't KBULL's Top 12 countdown and it is the Top 12 of 2008 rather than the Top 12 of 1973. And sorry, calling Amos Lee the 'male Tracy Chapman' is as close to the list the female Tracy Chapman is going to be this year, sadly. Please don't make it any harder on me or Ms. Chapman. It is awkward enough between Tracy and I.

Spammon said...

All I know is that Chinese girl with no mouth was a bit freaky. Don't do that again.

kg said...

Suggestion noted Spammon. I didn't sleep well after seeing that last night either. I haven't been that freaked out since I watched 'Pan's Labyrinth.'

Corbie said...

Oh yeah? Well, it's going to get awkward between you and I pretty soon, buddy.

I will, however, admit to laughing out loud at the KBULL and 1973 reference.

My captcha was just 'ursngssckbttrcychpmnrcks'. Weird.

brohammas said...

Dude reminds me of Remy Shand.

I don't think Corbie accepted your overt pandering to both her and I, on your previous pick...choosing a Philly guy and then calling him the male Tracy Chapman.

I however bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Corbie said...

You would...