Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cover Song Saturday Night - Special Conference Edition

Since it is General Conference weekend for the LDS Church I thought I would post a few covers of religious songs this week.

Up first we have perhaps the most famous spiritual song of all time Amazing Grace performed by Skog Blog favorite, Sufjan Stevens.

While searching for the final song that I will post, I stumbled upon this random guy on youtube and he does some excellent folky versions of hymns and gospel songs. Here is 'Marcus' covering Come, Come Ye Saints.

Final song this evening is from the documentary New York Doll - the story of Arthur 'Killer' Kane, the bassist from the glam punk band The New York Dolls who eventually converted to the LDS Church before passing away of leukemia. If you have never seen the film I highly recommend it. Here is the New York Dolls lead singer, David Johansen, doing a tribute to Arthur by performing A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.


Corbie said...

Amazing Grace is my all-time favorite song and is the one song that always calmed my children - I have five versions of it (by five different artists) on my ipod and my kids even enjoy it sung acapella by me (love truly is deaf).

Good picks - great post.

brohammas said...

Amazing Grace is best on bagpipes.
How can this be in honor of Gen Conf and you had no Kurt Bestor or Janice Crap Perry?
I still pick "Beloved" the best (and only) Mormon Rapper I have ever met.