Thursday, April 23, 2009

News and Whimsy

Thanks again to Lindsey for her Wednesday playlist, good tunes and good fun. If anyone wants to do an upcoming playlist just let me know.

True or False - KG wrote the following statement:

Anyone? Anyone?
Any one go to see Franz Ferdinand Tuesday night? If so, how was it? Let me know either here or e-mail it to me and I'll post it here. I wanted to be there, especially after it moved to the Avalon from Saltair, but the in-laws are visiting Thursday and I had to put the new vaccum cleaner together. And then I couldn't figure it out, so my wife had to put it together. She's handier than I am.

False. It was the SL Trib's music writer David Burger but it described my week perfectly.


The talented singer/guitar player Ben Harper put on a concert for Earth Day and can be seen here.

Here is a contest to win a bunch of albums on vinyl from the aforementioned Mr. Harper as well as Radiohead, Beastie Boys, David Bowie and Nat King Cole. (I told you these links were random).

Summer Blockbuster season will get fired up here in the next couple of weeks and I will be seeing many of the flicks hopefully but I can't lie and say that KG and Wheels aren't more excited for this little beauty coming out in July. We may or may not watch this trailer multiple times each week. And yes Corbie has already seen it because she is cooler than the rest of us, or maybe because she is a Sundance junkie, or both.


Corbie said...

500 Days of Summer was amazing - one of the best movies of Sundance. Yes, I'm a junkie but I'm definitely not cool - if I were, I would pick male friends who knew how to put vacuums together. (way to go Wheels!)

lindsey said...

Better not let Wheels watch -Adventureland- she will fall in love with Ryan Reynolds too... but if she does happen to fall in love with him, I have a fan club going, she's welcome to join.

kg said...

No worries about Mr. Reynolds. There is plenty of love for him from both KG and Wheels in the Skog home. I have had the hots for him since '2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.' Wheels and I would both like to be members of the fan club you created. I'll even take it a step further - I once said that someone could have their Brangelina and I will take the Ryan/Scarlet sandwich everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

lindsey said...

I'm impressed how open you are with your man love. I secretly think Ammon has a crush on Ryan too... if he came knocking on our door we might actually fight over who got to run off with him. He'll never admit it though.

As for Scarlett, she like miracle whip when all I wanted was plain old mayo.

Corbie said...

Thanks for the Bacon Brothers shout out...I will go listen to some Ben Folds now.