Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review


Before I start this week in review I have to do a correction of something that was left off the previous week's review - the highlight of P's last week. On Friday, April 3rd, P went to see her cousin Brooke perform as the Cat in the Hat in her school's production of Seussical The Musical. P was of course passed out asleep when she got home Friday night but Saturday morn she burst into our room and said, 'Dad, why didn't you come? You should have come? Brooke was... so good. It was amazing Dad, amazing.' I think the reason I failed to discuss it last week was because of the lack of sleep and no photographic evidence to help my memory when putting together the week in review. Either way, the Skog Blog apologizes for the error.


This week the Little Rockstar weighs in at 7 lbs and 4.5 oz. She is a giant. An adorable, gentle giant. She's even wearing 'newborn' clothes now and fitting into them.


The highlight of KG's week most definitely was Sunday night/Monday morn when Toots decided that she was going to stay up all night. In her defense she was cutting more teeth and was running a fever of 104 so hard to be mad at her. However, I couldn't help but be disappointed when Toots passed out at 4:06 AM. I really thought she could pull the all nighter. Keep working at it Toots, you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Better luck next time. (I just jinxed myself for tonight big time...) She had a similar performance on Mon night/Tues morn so Wheels and I decided she should go into the doctor just to make sure she didn't have another reason to be running such a high fever. All specimens were negative (strep, bladder) - just teeth. The good news is she only has approximately 16 more teeth to go. Good times!


P was invited by her cousin Max to go see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D. I am not sure what possessed Jen and Mike to take on such a task but apparently it went off without a hitch and went something like this i am sure. P was introduced to a magical place called 'Rays' where the soda is cheap and the candy is cheaper. P and Max shared Pop Rocks and P helped keep Max's 3-D glasses on and had a most delightful evening.


Easter started earlier this week at the Skog home. On Monday our community earned its high national ranking and provided an excellent egg hunt for the kids. P scored a lot of tasty treats but this was her favorite:

On Saturday the girls and their cousin Millie colored eggs. P even dared taste an egg and in a crazy turn of events liked the white part but not the yellow. This is strange since P recently has taken a liking to fried eggs and toast. Of course she only dips her toast in the yolk and won't eat the white part. If we could somehow hard boil an egg with a runny yolk we might create P's dream food.

Sunday, the Easter Bunny came and P was very excited for her small toys and candy. Her favorite items included a necklace with her birthstone (pink oddly enough) (that may or may not have not lasted through church before breaking) and a CTR ring. Here is P describing her presents and then the girls enjoying their bubbles.

Later in the afternoon we had the annual Extended Skog Easter Egg Hunt at a local park and the girls loved that. Hope you all had an excellent week and a Happy Easter. Until next week!

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Corbie said...

That last pic of Toots is the cutest thing ever, the rockstar is going to weigh more than Wheels soon, and I am hoping P will show me this place where one can get high on soda and candy for under a buck.