Monday, August 11, 2008

Fine... I'll Do It.

So it's the year 2008. I feel like I'm a pretty internet savvy fellow but I've never made the plunge into the blogosphere. Well after getting urged by my sisters and my chops busted by a few friends, here I am. So why "The Skog Blog" you ask? Well, the aforementioned chop buster above sent me multiple emails reminding me that Skog rhymed with Blog. When discussing this with my sister Jenny she informed me that skogblog was taken. However I quickly realized that "theskogblog" was available and fate intervened and here we are...

As stated in the "About Me" portion of this here blog, I plan to use this space to wax nostalgic about my girls, my love of good tunes, and my addiction to Yerba Mate. Perhaps someday there might even be a harrowing tale of my rehab stay when I decide to get off the buena yerba. Today is not that day.

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