Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ingrates in Ohio

I usually don't blog during the work day. In fact I could be fired any minute but I just read something so sickening that I had to make a fast (and most likely rushed) statement. As I opened up my Internet Explorer (Homepage is my eyes were immediately drawn to the following headline:

Neil Diamond’s hoarse voice angers fans

Here is the article in its entirety courtesy of

Neil Diamond’s hoarse voice angers fans
Fans are demanding a refund after attending an Ohio concert
The Associated Press
updated 8:43 p.m. MT, Tues., Aug. 26, 2008
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Disappointed Neil Diamond fans are demanding a refund after attending a concert at Ohio State University in which the 67-year-old singer’s voice sounded raspy.

Some fans left the Monday concert early and others said Diamond completed the concert without mentioning anything to the audience about his voice.

A statement from Diamond on Tuesday says a doctor has diagnosed acute laryngitis.

Value City Arena officials are offering a refund to those who put in a request before Sept. 5. Tickets for the concert ranged from $20 to $120.

Diamond, the singer of such hits as “Sweet Caroline” and “Song Sung Blue,” has posted a message on his Web site asking for fans’ forgiveness. Another message says Wednesday’s concert in Green Bay, Wis., will be rescheduled for Sept. 12, and Friday’s concert in St. Louis, Mo., will instead take place Sept. 10.

You ingrateful citizens of Ohio. Seriously. Big Neil isn't even coming to Utah on this tour. I'd go see Neil even if he had his vocal chords removed and they had to wheel him out on stage holding a cardboard guitar just to be in his presence. Shame on you Ohio. Shame on you. I hope the Buckeyes' football team sucks balls this year. You deserve it.


Dogface said...

Damn Gomez---

And is there or is there not an inordinate amount of air supply on your "I should listen to your music because I am on your blog page" music selection

Spammon said...

You make that kind of a stink when Celine Dion's voice is hoarse (or if it's normal and you have to sit through 15 minutes of her belting vocals), not Neil Diamond!

Anonymous said...

How'd you like the show the last time Neil came to Utah?

Corbie said...

Listen Flank Steak - I don't know to whom you are posing the question but I, for one, LOVED Neil the last time he was here. So the pants are a little tight and the chest hair a little gray (and exposed)...the man is the greatest singer around. Once, when I was young (about 13 or so), I was at the 49th Street Galleria with friends. There was this horoscope/personality machine - you know, put in a dollar and divulge your birthday and it would spew out all kinds of interesting tidbits about you. Well, at the bottom was a segment that read 'Your Perfect Love Match'...imagine my 13-year-old joy when it said Neil Diamond. I was the happiest girl alive that day...and I've been equally happy every time I've seen him in concert since...raspy voice or not. Have you all heard him sing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Mis? Musical genius.

brohammas said...

Pardon my soon to come flirtation with crudeness, by my standards anyways, but in my ever continuing quest to understand why other people act crazy...
I suppose going to a Niel Diamond concert and finding him "raspy" may be very similar to pulling out a condom, when needed, and finding it lined with sandpaper.

What should be the greatest day of your life becomes unexpectadly painful. Now granted all involved, in both my metaphor, and at the concert, should really thank the heavens they even had a chance to be there in the first place.

(in case you didn't catch it this last statement could also be appled to offers made 20 years too late. Just be happy you had the chance)

Corbie said...

And I quote, "Now granted all involved, in both my metaphor, and at the concert, should really thank the heavens they even had a chance to be there in the first place."

The wisest words Brohammas ever spoke...and I have heard a good amount of his words in my life.

kg said...

I agree Brohammas, well said. Although explicit and rather strange, a very wise metaphor indeed.