Friday, August 29, 2008

If Lovin "X" is Wrong Then I Don't Wanna Be Right, Part 2

First off I would like to thank everyone for their participation last week. I don't know about all of you but I felt validated knowing that it's ok to love Air Supply. I'm glad that everyone felt comfortable sharing their hidden shames. It was good therapy for all. And frankly I also liked everyones' guilty pleasure, well except for the Chicken In a Biscuit. I could do without those.

Even though I fear that Friday Night Guilty Pleasures is soon going to turn into "KG defends his sexuality Friday Night" tonight I want to discuss a topic of which I'm not really that ashamed. However, as a male it is something that I should not be willing to admit even with a gun pointed at my head. So what I would like to proclaim tonight is, "If lovin' Moulin Rouge is wrong then I don't wanna be right."

I remember the first time I saw the trailer for Moulin Rouge. It was the summer of 2001 and I was sitting in the theater with my friend Jimmy waiting to see the powerhouse flick Blow. I'm not sure why the powers that be would attach the trailer for Moulin Rouge to a movie like Blow but the 99% male audience didn't seem to appreciate it. There were cat calls and as the trailer ended Jimmy looked at me and gave a thumbs down while making a fart type noise. I honestly don't remember if at the time I said anything back to him but in my mind I was enthralled and ready to see the movie as soon as it opened.

I didn't actually get out to see the movie right as it opened. It was a few weeks later. My friends and I headed out to see some other movie that I had already seen (that movie escapes my memory) and as we got to the theater I decided, "screw it, I'm going to see Moulin Rouge." My friends thought I was joking. I wasn't. One friend Matt Aston actually said, "you know what? I want to see it too..." and joined me. You might not believe this but Matt and I were the only males in the audience without some kind of lady friend but I wasn't ashamed. I was excited.

The movie begins with a curtain opening and you can see a small conductor leading the orchestra as they perform the well know 20th Century Fox movie opening. A short overture begins and then the singing starts. John Leguizamo begins with a stirring rendition of "Nature Boy" and I was glued to the screen. Shortly thereafter Ewan McGregor is introduced and at that point I actually did question my own sexuality for a brief moment. I kid. Anyway, I sat mesmerized by the music, the colors, the quick editing. I had always been a fan of musicals but this was unlike anything I had ever seen. By the time the credits rolled and the film ended I sat in my chair, blown away, with tears in my eyes. This was a new kind of musical for a new generation of film fanatics.

The next morning (Saturday) I got up early at headed to Fred Meyer, knowing that it would be one of the only stores open that had some sort of a music section. I quickly found the soundtrack and listened to it on repeat the entire weekend. A few nights later it was a friend of ours' birthday and she wanted to see a movie. I petitioned the group to see Moulin Rouge. The girl said that she heard that the movie was about a French hooker and that it was really skanky (Thanks Christina Aguilera, Pink,Lil'Kim, and Mya!) most likely because of the video for "Lady Marmalade" that was in heavy rotation on MTV. So once again as we arrived at the cinema I excused myself from the group and met up with Matt Aston and his girlfriend and we sat through another screening of the film. This time as "Nature Boy" began I got the chills and the waterworks started as soon as Ewan McGregor said, "the woman I love... is dead."

I ended up seeing Moulin Rouge four times in the theater. I honestly could and would have seen it more if I had a girlfriend at the time. I started feeling a little pathetic wanting to head alone to the movies to see a musical. Luckily for me I met Elise and we bonded over our love of the movie right before it came out on DVD. I purchased 5 copies of the film. I gave one to each of my sisters for Christmas and one to Elise for her birthday. So why did I love the film so much? I'm gonna have to say the music. Baz Luhrmann was a genius to take popular songs and rework them into the musical format. Ewan McGregor gave an unbelievable performance. The passion in his voice when he sings a few of the numbers still gives me chills to this day. So once again let me say, "If Man Lovin Ewan McGregor is wrong..." ooops, I mean, "If Lovin Moulin Rouge is Wrong Then I Don't Wanna Be Right."


Corbie said...

Okay, well google reader was acting strangely (or I was) and I didn't see this post until after I had posted on your other one 'Housekeeping'. So, my confessions are there, which is probably best for everyone involved. I am happy to hear, however, that you weren't trying to pass off the slightly indulgent egg roll incident as a confession.

And, in the spirit of confessions, I will leave an additional one here...I have actual plans to maim and/or kill you for the Chicken In A Biscuit comment. Watch your back.

Jen said...

While I was in the theater watching Mama Mia for the third time, it reminded me of this movie that I haven't seen in years and I so loved it. I'm thinking it will deserve an initial run in the Majeffstic theater, although I may pull it out right now if I can find it. I don't respect my DVDs the way I should. Maybe that should be my confession. I have stacks of crapped out disks everywhere. Oh the shame.

brohammas said...

That was one of the best descriptions of a man date I have ever read.

It is OK to cry at movies and I'm sure you balled like a baby the third time you saw Step Mom as well.

Hey I can admit it too. In fact me and my wife even have a name for it. Ya know at the birth of a child, death in the family, true life events... I start to get what we call the "Rudy" feeling.

kg said...

Corbie - I just thought of one other statement that could include "Stevie Wonder" and "sucks." "I'm starving but all we have in the pantry are Chicken and a Biscuit and that sucks, but at least this new Stevie Wonder album is awesome."

Jen - I'd loan you my copy but I'm not sure I could sleep at night without it under my pillow.

Brohammas - you might call it the "Rudy" feeling, I might call it the slept all night at the Klondike derby with a broken zipper on my sleeping bag feeling...

brohammas said...

You son of a... I nearly died that night.

Ok, Ok, I'll admit one. Loving Ocean's 11 is not really a shameful thing but I have a confession. My favorite thing in the movie was Brad Pitt's cuffs. Dude rocked French cuffs unfolded and no links. Perfect nonchalant pimp style.

I also have a special space deep down in my heart, in the dark hidden places, for Encino Man.

I’m so ashamed.

Spammon said...

How did I miss this post....I..I..don't know what to say anymore. Are you watching Brokeback Mountain as well? What happened to Aliens? Terminator? Predator? ANYTHING MANLY??? I'll give you one week to repair the damage.

brohammas - it wasn't just the cuffs, it was the cuffs with the bad ass tattoo peering out.

brohammas said...

Uh, yeah, thats what I meant. Did I leave the tattoo out? Good lookin out Spam.

O yeah, and the constant snacking.

Corbie said...

Spammy - you need to go back to the first installment of this gimmick and realize that this is supposed to be a safe place to group therapy without the chemical dependencies. I think I even mentioned you in my comment on that first installment - I was expecting you to admit to a certain fondness for a song about 'signs' and the group that knocked that gem right out of the park.

Spammon said...

brohammas - It's no wonder when I watch that movie I have to snack on nachos and ice cream.

corbie - Ace of Base is fine because they dropped some catchy reggae beats. I have actually never seen this movie because I refuse to see anything with Nicole Kidman until decides what accent she wants to speak with.