Thursday, April 2, 2009

Even More News and Whimsy


First off, yesterday I forgot to give a congrats to Kim and Herms for 16 years of marriage. I will refrain from making any jokes about your marriage being a sick April Fools Day Gag, etc. Well done you two crazy kids.

Second, and no offense to the Herms Family, but I have even more exciting news and congrats today. Those of you who are fans of the Kings of Leon know that the band consists of 3 brothers and their cousin. Well the Skog Sisters might have found their lead guitar player. It was confirmed today that Flank Steak and his lovely bride, Mrs. Flank Steak are going to welcome into the Skog Family a beautiful girl sometime mid-September. I never thought that Flank Steak and I would have kids the same age. I am extremely excited for them and thrilled that Lil' J will have a cousin her age. The only downside of this news was that The Vanwarmer Family asked for a refund on their cow deposit on Lil' J because they wanted to wait and see how Flank Steak's girl turns out.


I know that I am a music snob. I'm a wannabe hipster and I accept that. I am sure many of you have listened to some of my musical selections and thought I must be losing my mind, deaf or both. One's musical taste is a personal thing and we shouldn't judge people just because their musical choices suck. I just don't have to be friends with them either... I kid.

I have had the pleasure recently of training up front at my work to help cover the customer service when a few of the CSRs go on maternity. The girls up front are always listening to the radio station 99.5 which in my opinion plays some of the crappiest music ever. One song in particular just really drives me nuts and I swear to the Universe that it is played every ten minutes on that station so I suppose it must be popular. It may be the worst song I have ever heard. Once I finally arrived at the sanctuary of my desk I got to thinking, "who in the world would actually like that song?" Just then as someone walks past my office, her phone rings and sure enough her ringtone sings 'when you hear this song I hope it gives you hell...' I now know what will be blasted over the loud speakers if I end up in Hell. We all better decide to straighten up and fly right so that song doesn't give us hell throughout all eternity.

Here is something to cleanse your palate from that song.

Good Night!


brohammas said...

did anyone else think this guy is trying to look like Perry Ferrell?

Then again he probably has no idea who that is.

kg said...

I am pretty sure his Ferrell knowledge begins and ends with Will.

Corbie said...

Does anyone else want to kill KG for cleansing our palates with the musical equivalent of mayo?

Congrats Herms Family (I swear to the Universe that there is supposed to be another 'e' in that name) - 16 years is impressive.

Sorry about the cows and daughters fiasco...what if you throw in some yerba?

brohammas said...

We all know I'm not afraid to pick a fight with Corbie so this should be even more powerful...

AMEN Corbie, amen. If that song isn't bad enough, the visual is worse. Why didn't I recognize the resemblence between him and "Duckie" from Pretty in Pink"?

I would say that it was more like mayo left out of the refrigerator since what, 1989?

Corbie said...

Touche' Brohammas - touche'. And not just left out of the refridgerator but also with the lid off and a butter knife in it - wasn't that just disgusting when people would do that? We can be friends again - you rip on mayo in any fashion, you're alright by me.

kg said...

Sorry, next time I'll hold the mayo. I love me some Rick Astley though. Wheels said that we should remake that video though with my cousin Dave performing as Rick. That would be fantastic.

flanksteak said...

My wife, Erin, does not appreciate being called Mrs. Flanksteak. Apparently she understands the metaphor. That is all.

Herms said...

I still don't know what flanksteak means, although if I know f.s... i think i know what it likely means.

I plan to now comment on every skog blog posting going back 16 days ago!

Worst song ever? really? Worst song currently being played maybe, but least they are not building a city on rock and roll.