Friday, April 3, 2009

The Return of If Lovin' X Is Wrong Then I Don't Wanna Be Right

In the beginning, Friday Night on the Skog Blog was a sanctuary for us to confess our guilty pleasures without shame or judgement. For more info on the genesis of this idea, click here.

Tonight I wanted to discuss the concerts of which we should be ashamed but instead had enjoyable experiences or fond memories. Before I tell you about said concert of mine I need to give you a little back story.

Many of you know that back in the day Big Al moved in with my family. Al and myself had a nightly routine that involved Kool-Aid (either Purplesaurus Rex or Rock-a-dile Red), Popcorn and watching 2 episodes of Night Court and then The Arsenio Hall Show.

Any fan of Night Court knows that Judge Harry T. Stone had one person that he loved even more than Christine Sullivan. That person was The Velvet Fog - Mr. Mel Torme.

One evening in the Summer of 1998, Big Al and myself were looking through the SL Trib trying to find a movie or something to do for entertainment. My eyes scanned the small type of the paper like those of a 3rd grader doing a word search, until they saw the words 'Mel' and 'Torme' and they screeched to a halt. The Velvet Fog was playing down in Orem, UT at the Scera Shell Ampitheatre. I half jokingly threw the idea out to Big Al who immediately accepted the plan and before we knew it we were at the point of the mountain on I-15 heading south.

The tickets were cheap, no more than $10. We found ourselves a patch of grass to sit on and waited for the magic. Mel came out dressed in a polo type shirt and a pair of dockers like your grandpa or some old man in your neighborhood. He was accompanied that night by a small jazz trio - piano, bass and drums and proceeded to belt out Jazz standards as if he were headlining at Carnegie Hall rather than a small theatre in the middle of Happy Valley, UT. Mel's silky smooth vocals thrilled the crowd and he received a standing ovation after nearly every song which was quite impressive because of the effort this required from the mostly geriatric crowd.

Mel passed away the following summer. Had I skipped the show I would have never had the opportunity to see a legend like the Velvet Fog or gain the respect for him that I did that night. It may have been the best $10 I ever spent. If loving the Velvet Fog is wrong then I don't wanna be right!


Jen said...

Look at you go - keeping to your schedule like a champ. You have inspired me to post more than twice a year.

Nice story and memory, although I didn't see the charm in the purple saurus rex. I think I was too sophisticated even then for such nonsense.

Wheels said...

I can't believe I've never heard this this story. Did you just finally come to terms?

Purplesaures rex = grape cough syrup

Corbie said...

Yay! Wheels is posting comments! (and accurate ones at that because purplesaurus rex does equal cough syrup).

As for concert confessions, Sam Crump and I went to Dan Fogelberg when we were well into our teenage years. As if that wasn't enough, I went again with Marti a handful of years later. And I'd go again (and again and again)...I love the guy.

brohammas said...

Jen and Wheels, You may need to ask Mr. Moderator but I don't think comments on cool-aid count as confessions.

I blame it on the fact that the tickets were free, but Kay and I went and saw Trick Daddy and the St. Lunatics. It was in the Hip-Hop bastion of Orem Utah and the best part of the night was when some girl who was... large, jumped up on stage to dance all video vixen style with her skanky self. They stopped the music (they being Trick Daddy) and made her get off the stage.
Somehow we had a great time...second hand smoke maybe?

Mug said...
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Mug said...

Love the video. I think there is an old old soul living in that young body.

Corbie said...

Clearly my mom is missing the point of the Friday night confessionals but feels compelled to comment nonetheless. So, I will confess for her - very recently she went to great lengths to see both Cher and Cindy Lauper in concert.

kg said...

Jen - I'm going to hold you to the two posts per year. As long as they are sophisticated.

Wheels - the only reason you saw Purplesaurus tastes like cough medicine is because I thought Pitch Black (Grape) Mtn Dew reminded me of Purplesaurus and you hated Pitch Black.

Corbie - I need to listen to more Fogelberg. The man has a pleasant voice but I can't say I own or have 'borrowed' any of his albums. Luckily for you I think he hits the Sandy Amphitheatre ever Summer.

Brohammas - I lived in Orem when that concert occurred and I could hear the shenanigans from my apartment. Orem is definitely the Hip Hop Mecca.

Mug - I am glad there is someone in the Coy family who enjoys good tunes. I'm certain that I do indeed have an old soul. Unfortunately I also have an old body. I have aged in dog years.

Herms said...

Once again KG's confessional is admitting to liking one of the greats.

Bravo sir bravo, your courage is inspiring to us all. (sarcasm implied) What happened to Friday night confessionals where we really put it out there... I realize you have to keep some music it's cool.

I once drove to park city to watch Erasure. Erasure man! COMEON. If loving Erasure is wrong...

wait it is wrong....

Corbie said...

Herms: Once? That's the best you can do? I saw Erasure in the last two years at Kingsbury Hall and it was the happiest day of my life. Yes, the edgy band Erasure now plays the fine art venue circuit.