Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

April 13 - April 19


The little Rockstar tipped the scale this week at 7.5 lbs. KG weighed in at a buck ninety nine. If you don't believe me, ask Flanksteak. He can vouch for me. Back off.


Toots started the week off with a bang. Another Sun/Mon double whammy of fevers, teething and little sleep. Look at the picture above though - adorable, sad, but mostly adorable. We tried everything to console her and nothing would work and when it all came down all she wanted was her sister, P.

Heartbreaking stuff folks, what can I say? Well on Tuesday after two days of close to no sleep the normally mild mannered Toots finally snapped. Wheels brought her in from playing outside so she could feed Lil' J and the sweet Toots went berserk. The mother of all tantrums. The type of tizzy fit that if thrown by an adult would get them locked up and placed in a straightjacket. There was much wailing, gnashing of what few teeth she has and flying toys. Like something right out of a zombie movie. I wish I had witnessed the spectacle. Luckily Wheels lived to tell about it and sent me the following picture with a message that said, "I took this pic right before Toots bit me..."


By Wednesday Toots had recovered and all of the girls except the Rockstar took in some fun out in the yard with bubbles and a slide.


I know what you are thinking 'Slow news week if we are discussing KG's haircut.' Anyone who has seen KG knows that a KG with a smooth face these days is very newsworthy. Wednesday night I decided it was the right time to get ready for Summer and get the usual buzzcut. Wheels did her normal fantastic trim but afterwards the hair on my head was shorter than the beard on my face so I clean shaved my face for the first time in a few months. When Toots finally saw me she was a bit freaked out and uncertain as to whether or not I was really KG or some imposter. It was only when she found me perched upon my, uh, throne that she gave me a big smile and new it was really me.

Feeling that the house was missing some facial hair P and Toots worked on their beards all week and did an admirable job. P went for the pencil thin mustache with goatee while Toots went for the mustache and soul patch, or as I like to call it the 'Phil Jackson.'


Without making this week too Tootscentric here are a couple of cute clips. One of her tickling the Rockstar's toes and another of her preparing to dine on a gourmet dish that I think the French call 'Le Poche Chaud.'


And finally, KG and the girls are so proud of their amazing wife and mother, Wheels. Way to go Wheels! We knew you could do it!


Kim said...

A-dor-able, even when they are whiny. You two make cute kids.

I also enjoyed the pictures of the girls with beards.

Nicely done.

Corbie said...

First, where do I sign up for Wheels to be my mom? Her sweet voice on those videos made me feel all happy and safe. Secondly, the girls are, as Kim said, a-dor-able. Lastly, did you weigh yourself before or after you shaved because I'm thinking you may have only been 198.

kg said...

Wheels is not quite ready for another child but give her 3 years and she'll be open to the idea of adopting you or anyone else.

My favorite is in one of the bubble clips when P (off camera) tries to show Toots that she can spin with the bubble wand and smacks Wheels upside the head, which shakes the camera. Good stuff.

And I did weigh myself before the beard shaving but not after I ate 2 bags of popcorn last night so it was (hopefully) a wash and I remain at 199. Just in case, I did start back up the Slim Fast this morning. Looking forward to my sensible dinner tonight to say the least.

Wheels said...

Corbie, thanks for making me feel like I might be a good mother. You obviously haven't heard crazy mom where I scream so hard I wet my pants.

brohammas said...

I remeber weighing that our Sr. year.
Funny you spend so much time and effort trying to break a barrier, then spend the rest of your life regretting it.

Mindy said...

No before and after pics of the shave and cut? I guess I've watched too much HGTV and Biggest Loser. I feel entitled to before and after pics. Of course, that's how I remember you anyways...clean shaven and a buck 25 so I guess the memories will do just fine.

flanksteak said...

That 199 was over a week ago. Plenty of time to put you back over the threshold. If you'd like to get back down, I recommend a healthy diet of slim fast shakes (you can check that one off the list) and tambourine playing. The latter makes you CRAZY skinny.

Jen said...

Your week in review posts are awesome. Will you do mine?

Marianne said...

Aahhh...the teething, the teething. I feel for you. The video clip broke my heart but I am glad she is feeling better. They are cute kids. Good job you guys. One day maybe I'll see you again. I miss my friend. KG, why did you have to take her away?