Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

April 20 - April 26


On Monday, KG and P went to the Utah Flash game as special guests of the owner, an old friend and mission companion of KG. We had excellent seats - 2nd row on the floor right in the corner that allowed P to stand on the edge of the court and really go to town with her cheer sticks. Much popcorn and root beer was consumed and by halftime P was even able to remember that we were at a Flash game and not a Jazz game. Thanks to Brandt for the tickets. I apologize for the extreme HD quality of the videos. Apparently my cell phone's camcorder is the Fisher Price PXL-2000. You have my 100% guarantee that the pixelated face in these video clips is actually P.


KG doesn't believe in the Chinese calendar therefore 2009 is not the Year of the Ox, it is the Year of the Bird, Larry Bird, as KG turned 33 this week. I received some nice gifts from the girls, some cash from my parents and the parents of Wheels to fund my concert and Yerba Mate addictions, and a cherry chip cake, decorated in blue frosting and sprinkles that was the brainchild of P. Oh, and I also got a cold sore for my day of birth. A huge one that was very painful. It would explain why my smile and the look on my face would lead you to believe that I just got home from major dental work. The good news is that I was able to blow out all 33 candles in one shot and with such ease that Big J would have had a new example for his snow blowing metaphor. The bad news is that I forgot to make a wish. Oh well.


When you see a headline like this you think, "wow, slow news week..." but it was mainly just to have photographic evidence of a Wheels Family sandwich. The Wheels Family lives by The Creed of Carl's Jrand I have actually seen them polish off a bottle of mustard and a jar of miracle whip in one day*** Well Wheels is starting the condiment brainwashing with Toots. I hope she can stay strong.

*** citation needed


The Wheels Family staged a mini reunion this week at the Skog home. Wheels' parents, her brother Marc and his family, her sister Marissa and her family and her little brother Jason **** spent a few nights in our home. All we were missing was her brother Andy and his family. Jason was able to go through the temple for the first time on Friday night and then Saturday was spent running around the Greater Northern part of our state attending the wedding of Wheels' lovely cousin, Stephanie. Congrats to her, congrats to Jason and thanks to the Wheels Family for putting up with some ornery kids.

P and Toots loved the reception, especially the station where the kids could fill up tiny candy baskets. I think P and Toots each filled up their baskets anywhere for 7 - 12 times. P's only beef with the reception was that it didn't have enough dancing like Flanksteak's reception.

The Little Rockstar made her first public appearances this weekend as well and she tried her best to leave her mark. Luckily for all of us, her mark didn't leak through all over Stephanie's wedding dress, but it was touch and go there for a split second as we pulled her away to check. No harm no foul, Lil' J.

**** Actor, not actually Jason.


This week I will be conducting what might be the most insane and controversial experiment of this decade. Something so daring and life threatening that David Blaine wouldn't even try it. I'm going to spend the week listening to nothing but U2. I know! The Horror! My disdain for U2 and Bono in general is well documented, however I am going to see if even the most cynical U2 hater can be converted. I reckon there are 12 albums so I will listen to 3 of them each day - all day, M-Th and then report on my findings on Friday night. Will it be a very special confessional where KG breaks down and finds Bono? Stay tuned.


Wheels said...

I can't believe you're going to listen to U2 for an entire week. Listening to them for one weekend was enough to make me want to throw myself out of a moving vehicle.

brohammas said...

I guess you can be Larry Bird as long as I'm still Roger Craig.
Happy late birthday.

Corbie said...

The Fisher-Price joke was classic - let's just get that out of the way. And happy birthday (again - and still late) - that was a shocking number of candles on one beautiful cake.

As for U2, I had no idea that Wheels was a hater as well. What's going to happen at the end of this week when you love them? Will she throw you out of a moving vehicle?

kg said...

Bro - you can be Roger as long as you can run with your knees as high as he did.

Corbie - why do you think I married Wheels? One of the first things she told me was that she had just returned from a road trip to see Radiohead in WA and that she wanted to kill herself after listening to nothing but U2 on a road trip with different friends a few weeks before her Radiohead trip. I proposed on the spot.

lindsey said...

Happy Birthday! You'll have to let me know how 33 is, as I'm still a young and cool 29 - hehe.

P, Toots and Little Rockstar are adorable... and Wheels is a hottie!

Good luck with the U2 thing... by the time next Sunday gets here it might be a Bloody one for you.

Robyn said...

Can your girls really get any cuter?
Can KG really get any older? (I know, I know, I'm just as old, but WE are old!)

So can Wheels make a sandwich for my Luke? He is now three and half and has NEVER eaten anything between two pieces of bread. Seriously. Never.

'With or Without You'. Repeat, and Repeat!

kg said...

Lindsey - thanks for the kind words. I am hoping that Sunday is not a bloody day but after listening to the first 3 albums today about 4 times a piece I am questioning my sanity. As for Wheels, she is indeed very hot - reason #3 why I married her.

Robyn - My adorable girls are so different. Toots will each ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING. I have a story of her eating prowess that we dare not speak of. I think Luke might have a soulmate in P though, she has yet to ever eat something between 2 slices of bread either. She'll eat bread, cut up ham and a cheese stick but heaven forbid a ham and cheese sandwich. She did recently eat a quesadilla though so baby steps my friend... baby steps.

Kim said...

Does Jason appreciate that link?

Good luck on your U2 experiment. I hope you come out alive. What albums have you settled on?