Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Special Guest Playlist

After a few days off The Skog Blog returns with a fantastic new Guest Playlist. Unlike last week, this guest requires a small introduction. She is an old friend of mine and once in the 9th grade while playing hoops, blocked my shot in such a Millsapian manner that I nearly retired from the game. Her playlist tonight focuses on songs that are repeat worthy and even though she selected a couple of country tunes, I will give her a pass because one of her selections is arguably my all time favorite song. I'll let you guess which one it could be. Ladies, Gents, and Skog Blog readers - the talented Robyn.


This is my collection of songs that are worth hitting the repeat button. Actually, push the repeat button repeatedly. My list includes songs I have actually hit repeat and listened until I slept. They are THAT good! Some I may have cried to, ok probably all of them, and most of them are a little slow. Sorry, it’s a little hard to fall asleep to a running song. I admit to being 100% amateur and know that this will be nothing like your readers are used to.

Last Supper”, by Howard Jones – I believe this is when my ‘repeat until sleep’ fetish began. I was in 7th grade. It’s been in my top 5 songs since then. I have been to many a Howard Jones concerts and every single one I have yelled as loud as I can “Last Supper!” He has yet to play it for me live, even when I screamed it from the second row!

We Close Our Eyes”, by Oingo Boingo – When Death smiled at me and told me to be patient and just take my time, I was hooked. This band could be my favorite of all time. Even though some of their songs make me feel like I am on a strange carnival ride, I really have always liked a good roller coaster.

Nightswimming”, by R.E.M. – I don’t have to explain this one to you. 5 stars!

Addicted” by Dan Seals – This is one you will not love, but so many others will. If you are a girl and have been in love (or thought you were in love) with a guy who just didn’t love you back – well this was put on repeat.

With or Without You”, by U2 – Every person reading your blog has listened to this great classic over and over. It’s just the truth. I broke up with Jeremy in front of Brandon McCloy’s house when this song was playing. It was sad. Until we got back together.

Summertime Rolls”, - Janes Addiction – I shouldn’t explain myself on this one, it may reveal too much. It’s a good song.

Smoke in Her Eyes”, by Ty England – You knew I would have more than one country song on this list, and you still asked me to be your guest. So here is a less known country song and singer for that matter, but still one of my favorites. It’s one of those ‘it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have love at all’ songs. I know, mushy.

Ten Years Gone”, and/or “Bron-Yr-Aur”, by Led Zeppelin – I admit to not knowing much about this group until I met the husband. He introduced me and I am grateful. These two songs from the album Physical Grafitti, are absolutely worth hitting repeat. Bron-yr-Aur is instrumental only and if someone could play that for me on the guitar, I would be in heaven.

She Said Yes”, Rhett Akins – I know you probably won’t even listen to this one because of the ‘hick’ name Rhett Akins. This song came out around 1995 which is when J.P. and I were married. Everything really started for us on the dance floor (gym floor) at a stomp at J.H.S. Enough said.

"Brand New Day", Joshua Radin - my new favorite artist. The song I need every morning. Repeat and Repeat.


Robyn said...

KG- you have to change the bron yr aur. It's NOT the stomp. You will like it better. Or at least I think you will!
And what did Dan Seals ever do to you?

Corbie said...

Want to know why Robyn and I have been friends through every blocked shot and broken heart? Because she knows who Dan Seals is. See, lots of people know Tim, and Faith, and Shania, and Toby...but Dan? The song 'Addicted' was amongst my top 20, Smoke in Her Eyes is a-ma-zing, we are both Howard lovers, and my first concert EVER was Oingo Boingo...I'm sure you recall, Robyn.

Love the playlist (and you).

Yes, this completes my 'Ode To Robyn'.

kg said...

The album version of Bron is now up and I'll tell you what Dan Seals did to me... he wrote that stupid 'Bop' song that was on every time I got in Wally's dad's car as a kid.

Corbie said...

He also sang 'Meet Me In Montana' with Marie Osmond...the man is a musical genius, KG. Step off.

Robyn said...

...and 'They Rage On' - musical genius for sure. Corbie thanks for loving me even though I love a Janes Addiction song. I guess we're even with the 'What Am I' nonsense!

I know KG's favorite.

Corbie said...

I was actually going to include 'They Rage On' (from the same album, no less) but I figured the lyrics might be a little racy for The Skog Blog. Then again, this blog is pretty edgy and the odds of someone bothering to listen to it are still slim to none.

kg said...

I would say the number of people who are going to track down a Dan Seals song on their own is 2 (Corbie and Robyn) maybe three if Wally's dad is a closet Skog Blog Reader.

I was going to thank you for the Jane's Addiction because it had been far too long since I heard them and while gathering links to songs I had to put 2 of their albums back on my mp3 player.

Also, even though I'm not the hugest Oingo Boingo fan (I like them a lot but don't love them much to the chagrin of Herms) I thought your description for that song was top notch.

brohammas said...

Thanks Robyn, if you continue picks like these you can trash mine all you want.

Forget KG and be proud of Boingo. They are like mine and Hilbig's little way back when bonding band, especially since it seems since I left the early 90's and the beehive state behind, no one else has ever mentioned them.
You rule, and so does Jane's Addiction. That song is on my personal favorites despite the fact that I have to hide the face of my Zune when it shows the album cover (to avoid the coments from both my wife and my daughter who is trying to be like my wife).

With such good roots how could our tastes stray so far???

Corbie said...

Robyn: When I mentioned vastly differing tastes, Brohammas challenged me to a duel. I say you kick his Boingo loving arse.

brohammas said...

what is this? I write a nice complimentary post and still get called on?
Ms. Moxie sounds like a good boxers name, but a big mouth just makes a better target (fighting words, I know)

Corbie said...

Well, I wrote a nice complimentary comment to your playlist (much nicer than Miss Shot-Blocker's) and still got called on so I figured I'd even the score. Now we can call a truce.

Anonymous said...

I tracked down those country songs. It led me down bad paths; like "kiss my country ass". I am not sure what happened for 5 minutes. Boingo ruled as did Juana's Adiccion, but there are better songs from both, but the two chosen took me back in the day, ahh JHS. Tell you what I keep repeatin-- Kings of Leon, Only by the Night Album-- the whole thing. Dang its good have listend to it like 15 times in 3 days, (that's pretty much all day every day -Sex on fire and Revelry MMM good). And if you know me and my distaste for the Leon, thats saying sumpin.

kg said...

Welcome to the Skog Blog, Anonymous (if that is your real name) - I think the only reason you didn't want to put your real name is out of fear for the mockery you will receive after finally admitting that the KOL are fanfriggintastic.

Robyn said...

Brohammas - who are you? Was that something nice about my playlist? If you ask me, we should from now on mention Boingo at least once a day!

KG - my brother Adam is the one that fed me Oingo Boingo in my youth and if I remember correctly he and Herms were good pals back then.

Anon - KMCLA! Maybe better Juana's and Boingo but remember I said I have fallen ASLEEP to mentioned songs. Yes, KOL is worth repeatin'!

Corbie - I just wanted to say Sawyer Brown is coming.

Corbie said...

June 20th baby!!! You, me, and a backstage break-in...basically, business as usual.

kg said...

Ladies - I let the country songs on the playlist slide because Robyn helped me get through Mrs. Whipple's English class without killing myself BUT arranging a Sawyer Brown hookup/meet n greet/hick fest is out of line. Do it on your own time. Not here. Not on the Skog Blog.