Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Special Guest Playlist

It's Playlist Wednesday and The Skog Blog has another special guest columnist. Tonight we have Lindsey, wife of Spammon and all around cool gal. Let's get it on.


Ammon would argue that Radiohead’s “High and Dry” best describes the past eight months of our relationship… see, every time he gets his bedrooms eyes on I just want to belt out Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone”. Which is why I’ve decided to help Ammon (who has had a long and lonely 8 months) and possibly KG out (he and Wheels are now in the post pregnancy phase)… I’ve put together a little playlist that would give even a pregnant girl and her just-given-birth peers the urge to make a little love…

Bob Marley – “Is This Love?”
This is the first Bob Marley song I heard and will forever be my favorite… a simple positive song about love and the joys of being together in the same room on a single bed. Let’s face it though, Bob may not have been singing this one to just one woman; he shared his single bed with quite a few different ladies. PIMP.

Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”
An obvious choice and a reminder to give credit when it’s due - flattery is a great way to get laid. I love the intenseness in Caleb Followill’s voice.

The Cure – “Lovesong”
I’m attracted to the feeling of forever in this song, “however far away, I will always love you - however long I stay, I will always love you - whatever words I say, I will always love you.” We all long for a little permanence now and again.

Coldplay – “Scientist”
First and foremost, I’m a sucker for the piano… better start taking lessons Ammon. Secondly, I love a song that tells a story and this one is told beautifully. My favorite line is “I had to find you, tell you I need you, tell you I set you apart”. I find his vulnerability and sensitivity very sexy. Write a song like this for your woman and she’ll melt like butter.

Future Dub 1 /Gregory Isaacs’ – “Night Nurse”
I picked the Dub version of this song; the original doesn’t have the same effect on me. Call me crazy (I already know I am) but I think the calming dub beats and Gregory Isaacs’ voice have a lot of sex appeal. My favorite line is “She’s the one, the only remedy”, again I go back to a vulnerable man admitting he needs a particular woman.

Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes”
A perfect explanation of how people feel when they are in love. Man I’m hormonal!

The Beatles – “Something”
The gentle weeping of the guitar and soft drum beats make me want to slow dance in my living room. I love the line “and all I have to do is think of her”. There’s just something about this song.


brohammas said...

you had me at "Bob"

Spammon said...

Great playlist! I love how they all have a soft gentle intimate theme to them. That is except for Sex on Fire, which screams: "Rip off my clothes and handcuff me to the bed". I'm very interested in getting the surround sound speakers hooked up in the bedroom now.

Corbie said...

First off, Lindsey was trying to sleep with me by including The Cure, Coldplay, and The Beatles (and she was definitely attempting some light petting with Peter Gabriel). As for Spammon being deprived, very recently he was at my house watching rugby when all of a sudden he looked at his phone and had to dash out the door (I'm pretty sure he even left some uneaten Krispy Kreme donuts). Why the rush, you ask? Booty text from Lindsey at 10 pm - the guy's got it made.

lindsey said...

Brohammas: I actually picked Bob to get on your good side.

Spammon: I'm surprised you referred to those songs as soft, gentle and intimate... I thought you reserved those adjectives for Enya, Kenny G, and Sade.

lindsey said...

Corbie - We just left comments one minute apart. Good timing. I've figured you out (mostly) and since we've already spooned, I pulled out the big guns this time. As far as Ammon "having it made"... remember how I mentioned his testosterone build up? Well it happens, and in order to keep the peace, I sometimes have to make sacrifices...

kg said...

Truly was an excellent list. It may or may not have worked for KG as well... Nicely done.

Spammon said...

corbie - She enticed me with Sex on Fire. What can I say, I'm usually torn between sex and food, and at that moment, sex won out. Not to mention, I was only getting half donuts at your house, whereas I was getting the full meal at home.

linds - Well in comparison to Kings of Leon, they are quite mellow. Little Miss Freaky.

Corbie said...

Robert's testosterone builds up also - I tell him to take a shower or hit someone.

It was a great list - if it had contained the Top Gun love scene song, it would have been perfect. Actually, I'm not sure if it is the song itself - perhaps it's the actual scene from the movie that I like so well. It's like porn for the anti-porn crowd.

lindsey said...

It's got to be the scene. That song makes me want to gag. Now if we are talking about the love scene in Matrix Reloaded, then it would be the song that makes it pronish.

lindsey said...

Of course I didn't mean to type It's, I meant it has. But pronish was deliberate.

Corbie said...

This may be the end of our friendship - I've never seen Matrix or its reloaded version. I have, however, scene When Harry Met Sally and that restaurant scene reminds me of you, Lindsey.

Spammon said...

Wait a minute...are you trying to say that all this time Lindsey has been faking it?

Corbie - What the hell? Go watch the Matrix. NOW. Would it help if I told you KB has a cameo in it?

Corbie said...

Well, I was trying to make you think that all this time Lindsey has been faking it...that way maybe my half donuts seem as appealing and you'll stay next time.

I fell asleep during my first Matrix viewing and never felt compelled to attempt a second. Telling me K-Bac is in the Matrix and thinking it will work is like telling you that Bob Marley sings 'Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon' and thinking you'll fall for it.