Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Night News and Whimsy

I know what you are thinking, Skog Blog Reader - How can the Skog Blog get even MORE informative and whimsical? You will get your answers to those questions every Wednesday and Thursday. Basically these two nights will be a smorgasbord of news, random links, announcements and things that are tickling my fancy.

Before I get to tonight's exciting information I have one piece of housekeeping. Please note to the left side a new box titled "Song of the Day" where, strangely enough, I will post a random song each day for your listening and/or downloading pleasure. Today's song is April Fools by Ms. Rufus Wainwright.


The Skog Blog would like to wish a sincere congratulations to Vanwarmer and his sweet wife, Mrs. Vanwarmer who welcomed their second son to the Vanwarmer family on March 21. The bad news for everyone is that Vanwarmer has already paid the required cows to the Skog Family and Lil' J is off the market. The Skog and Vanwarmer tribes will finally be united.


I hesitate to send you to this link because you'll read an actual, intelligent article about music but I would like Paul Shirley to become the most read music writer on the planet.

A few weeks ago my sister had a post about being locked in a room with a string while our older sisters watched skanky tv shows such as Dallas. This clip is in memory of our childhood.


kg said...

Gracias Emilio! Tome un buen mate para mi!

Corbie said...

Picture me saying the following in sign language because it is the only other language I know (and even then, it's choppy):

I doubted you when you came up with this new (ambitious) schedule - so far so good.

Congrats Vanwarmer & Co. Can someone please tell me what the livestock exchange rate is for P and Toots?

Oh and I'm considering asking Paul Shirley to marry me.

Great post.

Kim said...

Ahhh! Rufus Wainwright. It has been awhile.

Yeah!!! Vanwarmer!

Love the Dallas/Star Wars thingy.

I feel oddly whimsical.

That is all.

Spammon said...

Dallas was off limits in my house as a child, since the only people who watched that were devil worshipers and people who like porn. Well, they also liked Falcon Crest.

And big time congrats on the new baby!

Herms said...

Great stuff! I wish we could pull the cast of Star Wars together to act out an episode of Dallas.

So good.