Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist

Hopefully everyone has a nice BBQ and fireworks show lined up for this weekend. Just like your Memorial Day BBQ, KG is here to help make your fireworks show even better. This playlist is intended for the Driveway Fireworks Extravaganza, featuring Piccolo Petes and the TNT Pack from Costco. Upon further reflection though I suppose you could put these on your mp3 player and enjoy while watching the fireworks at your local park. My brothers Flanksteak and Utah Fun and my nephew Brandon have become maestros of the driveway fireworks, knowing exactly which cones work together and saving the best mix for the grand finale. This year we will take it up a notch and include some music. If you want Big J's address just let me know.


The Doors - Light My Fire - You don't want to start the show off too intense. This song will at least show your neighbors you mean business but hopefully isn't an omen for the fire you might start in the vacant lot across the street from your parents' home. Compatible fireworks for this song are Snakes, Flowers, and Bees.

Higher Ground - Feel free to choose either the Stevie Wonder or RHCP version or both.

Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad - At this point Flanksteak has the crowd in a frenzy and this will keep up the enthusiasm during the lull in the middle of the show when we have to burn off the lesser quality fireworks.

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning - A nice classic song for the adults to enjoy while the kids run around with sparklers.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck - Sparklers are gone, kids are getting a bit restless, this song will either excite them or frighten them. Either way we are winners.

US Army Chorus - Battle Hymn of the Republic - Let's not forget why we are celebrating the 4th of July and this is my favorite patriotic song of all time.

Neil Diamond - America - Time for the finale. This song will bring cheers, chills, and most likely some tears. The perfect way to end your show.


Emily said...

I have to say, I wish I was coming to the "G" family firework extravaganza! Although, we are having Grandma's sloppy jo's and potatoe salad...yum!

Emily said...

btw, tell Krissy she needs to start a blog, if she doesn't have one already!!
Cousin Em

brohammas said...

RHCP, Stevie, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, Outkast...
Its like you are inside my head.

Happy fourth.

Corbie said...

The Doors, Neil Diamond...
It's like you are inside my head.

Hope your 4th was happy.