Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

The Lil' Rockstar Rocks and Rolls

The Lil' Rockstar is growing up right before our eyes. The crazy thing is that even though she was our smallest baby she is probably bigger than the other girls at this point of her life (4 months). She has grown out of her 0-3 month clothes and here is video proof that she is ready to rock and roll(over).

Toots Needs An Intervention

Toots loves her 'ginkies' and comes from a long line of binkie addicts. I can't even remember what it took to finally break P of her binkie habit and her cousin Madzy Padzy used to hide behind the couch and take 'drags' off of her little brother's binkie when she was six. Toots carries two or three ginkies around at a time and it has gotten to the point where one is not enough. This Saturday she thinks she will be watching fireworks but in reality we have an intervention scheduled. We have to break this habit before her life spirals out of control.


P has been a fan of Spongebob since before she was probably old enough to be watching it. Before you judge us, remember that mothers that have to work from home will let their kids watch anything that will hold their attention for one hour as long as it won't cause too much long term damage. My earliest TV memories are Tom and Jerry and Popeye and if you've watched them recently you will see that they are violent enough to make Itchy and Scratchy look tame in comparison. I turned out okay (I suppose) and I think I only punched one person in my life (my best friend in 4th grade, sorry Richie) even though my young mind was twisted by the violent acts of the cat and little mouse and the spinach eating sailor. Really it's a good thing I didn't punch anybody else because my delicate hands would not be able to type 70 words per min and my blogs would be posted with much less regularity. Perhaps not the best example but I digress.

As a fan of Spongebob, P has also been a fan of Krabby Patties. Here is a clip from The Pre-Skog Blog archives of a young P working the grill and making her Grillmaster father very proud.

To this day I'm quite certain that she thinks hamburgers are called Krabby Patties and if we were to walk into any fine burger establishment she would think we were at the Krusty Krab. Loyal Skog Blog readers will also recall that P is notoriously picky when it comes to food and to this date she had never actually tried eating a Krabby Patty. Imagine my surprise as I brought in my tasty burgers and P said, "I am going to eat one of those today, Dad." And she did. Kind of. She took a few bites. Baby steps.


Some of the adjectives/phrases used to describe KG and Wheels lately: tired, haggard and tough to win over. On Friday night as I sat on my old man's couch he said, "You look terrible. You look like you just finished busy season." My old man is a CPA and 'busy season' is Feb - April 15th were he works crazy hours and gets 3-4 hours of sleep per night. It's rough but a small price to pay for the ability to then golf 4 times a week during the summer. I have made jokes about how fun the nights are at the Skog Home but I decided to break it down, John Madden style this week.

Every night at some point we end up with at least 4 of us in our bed. Once or twice a week we end up with all 5 of us. Here is the problem, our bed is a queen. Not a king, be it a regular or California, just a queen. 60 inches wide. Checkout the picture below. The girls look comfy, right? Do not be distracted by the adorable girls, however, because something is missing.

Where is KG? Answer - he's not there. Now checkout this math:

As I previously stated, the width of our mattress is 60 inches. From shoulder to shoulder I am 20 inches wide, Wheels is 17.5, P is 10, Toots is 8 and Josie is 7. Add that up and it's 62.5 inches. Not included in that figure is P's blankie that is 39 inches and absolutely can not touch Toots, who prefers to sleep without covers and goes bonkers when any form of blanket brushes her. Another variable is Toots' baby that has a tiny wingspan of 4 inches but occasionally ends up sleeping under Toots or on her head.

I measured and the space usually given for my 20 inch wide frame is 11.4 inches.

Which means several inches of my butt/backside are usually left to hover off the edge of the bed.

Other measurements that might amuse and/or give cause for sympathy are - distance from top of KG's head to his, uh, 'midsection' or 'bathing suit area' is 33 inches. Toots' height from top of head to toe is 30 inches. I will let you do the math there, let's just say I am rudely awakened more than once on any given night. Also, I am starting to wonder if I had a steel plate inserted in my head as a child before I was old enough to remember because the heads of P and Toots are both drawn to my pillow and face like magnets to an old steel file cabinet. Good times. The only thing that keeps Wheels and I from opening the door in our room, jumping from the deck and running into the night screaming is the fact that they are adorable and we are lucky to have them.


Wheels said...

Man, I look terrible. I think I'll go put some makeup on to boost my self-esteem.

Jen said...

A few things here.

First of all, I'm sure Madzy Padzy would like me to clarify that she was 4 and not 6, although what is the difference really. The family bed descriptions at the end are evidence enough that the binky intervention must wait for now. Let the poor girl suck away, and think of the few extra minutes of sleep it may afford. Besides, Madzy turned out just fine, if I do say so myself.

Wheels - Stay away from Big J. The last thing you want to hear is that you looked like you just finished busy season. I saw you on Saturday and you looked great.

Lastly, no wonder P has food issues. That hamburger was bigger than she is.

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is if the all American taco was any good?

Corbie said...

I know I sound like a broken record here but that was the best family week in review EVER! The pics are adorable, the commentary hilarious, the bed diagram priceless. Thanks for alleviating some of my guilt over the Spongebob addiction my family has - Ryan has been known to watch hours on end of it but I figure if it's good enough for the Skog clan, it's good enough for us.

Oh, and we'd all kill to look like Wheels with a baby barely learning to roll over.

Skye said...

I do enjoy seeing something other than music. I can't believe she's rolling already. Jack rolls into the crevice I create when I sit next to him on the bed, does that count?
And we are with you with the bed problem. I wake up most nights to find Erik in bed with Kire, or Kire trying to sneak in bed with us- in our queen.

Wheels said...

Skye - I agree that it's good to finally see something else besides music. This blog is supposedly dedicated to the three loves of Kirk's life, music, mate, and his girls, but since the creation of this blog I have discovered we, the girls, play 2nd fiddle to music. I've come to terms with it.

Suck it mate! At least I beat you!

There were an awful lot of commas in that comment...

GinaM said...

Loved the family bed diagrams. Allie and I are laughing our heads off! Wishing you more sleep soon...:)

kg said...

Wheels - Not possible for you to look terrible unless you insult my yerbamate.

Jen - Madzy can claim 4 if she wants but I still see her longfully staring at the Lil' Rockstar and her delicious binkie.

Anonymous - I have failed. Why don't we go try one on Thursday?

Corbie - So you are saying it's not bad if your one year old can sing the Spongebob Theme Song? Ok, good.

Skye - You walk a thin line when you mock the tunes of the Skog Blog. Looks like someone just nominated herself for Wed night playlist duty. Send Kire over with it tonight.

Wheels - Et tu, Wheels?

Gina - Thanks for the kind wishes. Does Allie want to have some 'friends' sleepover? She did such a nice job watching them at the funeral.

Kim said...

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