Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cover Song Saturday Night

This morning, unexpectedly, the father of my big brother and best friend, Herms, passed away. I lost a friend and tennis buddy but Herms lost so much more. I am heartbroken for him and his family.

Tonight there won't be any covers. Instead I wanted to post a few songs that I know were enjoyed by my friend, Craig. Everytime he picked me up to go play tennis he was rocking Kenny Loggins. These songs are for him.

I'm Alright - Whenever this song came on I was quizzed with the question - 'What movie is this song from?'

Danny's Song

Whenever I Call You Friend


Corbie said...

Danny's song was one of my honorable mentions from my top ten. I absolutely love it.

Craig knew good music and was loved by good people. If someone says those two things about me one day, I will consider it a life well-lived.

Sorry for your loss.

Herms said...

Thanks brother! Good call on the Kenny Loggins! Thanks for posting cover song Saturday night in his honor.