Monday, June 8, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

This week was action packed and slide-show-ariffic! Let's get to it.


The only show normally at the Skog House is The Gun Show, which occurs daily. Wheels is a lucky woman. Well on Saturday we decided to throw caution to the wind and checkout another kind of show, the Hill Air Force Base Open House and Airshow. Our group consisted of The Skog Fam, my parents Big J and Grammie Sue, the Bell children (except Henry who has an irrational fear of loud noises, dogs, and airplanes), my sister Kristine and her family, the Skousens (minus Jen) and Mike's father and bro-in-law. I learned many things because Mike's Dad is retired Air Force and was able to tell a story about each plane that was flying as well as the 'birds' (I picked up the lingo as well) that were being exhibited. Another thing I learned was that the airshow was probably similar to a NASCAR event - things went fast, lots of noise and an inordinate amount of people were wearing tanktops that maybe should have put some sleeves on. Enjoy this lovely slideshow.


Thursday Night Toots actually slept the whole night in her bed. I know, exciting news. However, after a rough Friday night and being outside at the airshow, Toots and the Lil' Rockstar came down with fevers and spent Saturday Night and Sunday in their jammies trying to smother and infect Wheels. So far so good for Wheels - I do realize that I just jinxed her. Sunday night did not go as well. We tried to force feed Toots some Motrin chewables and she proceeded to gag and then vomit all over Wheels and myself. I suppose we deserved it.


So it's Sunday, everyone is sick and lazy. You are four years old - what should you do? Grab the camera and start taking random pictures of everything. Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to unleash a slideshow of the greatest up and coming photographer in the Western USA. No worries either, I included EVERY single picture she took. By the way, there is one controversial picture of KG included and I am SCRATCHING! Also be on the lookout for a hilarious pic of Toots that made Wheels and I laugh extremely hard this evening while exporting the pictures from our camera.


You might remember earlier that we moved a 'big girl bed' into P's room hoping that Toots would make the transition from the crib and we could start putting Lil' J in the crib, who has been sleeping in our bed in order to more easily provide her a nightly snack from Wheels. This did not go well. In fact the photos from that week in review are possibly the only evidence of her ever being in that bed. This week we decided that although Toots is a gifted child we might have acclerated her too quickly and brought up P's old toddler bed. We'll see how this one goes. P is itching for a roommate (we'll see how long that lasts) and Wheels and I are itching for a good night's sleep.

Late breaking news - in a shocking turn of events, Toots did NOT sleep in her bed as promised.


My boy, Flanksteak, is 7 years younger than me. When he was 5 or 6 I used to 'let' him win as we played various Nintendo sporting games such as Double Dribble, Tecmo Bowl or R.B.I. Baseball. As the systems and controllers got more and more complex (Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Playstation) my old, weak mind was unable to keep up and soon Flanksteak was wiping the floor with KG. Thursday night that all changed. Thanks to the magic of the xbox 360 and online play, I was able to defeat Flanksteak 2 out of 3 and recapture my glory that had not been obtained for many years. I won the first game easily and then Flanksteak returned a more severe beatdown on the rematch. It setup an intense finale and with his renewed confidence Flanksteak demanded we play a NBA Finals matchup and I could be the Lakers cause he'd, "beat me anyway." Well folks, not on Thursday. That night belonged to KG. I may or may not have had to shoot every single time with Kobe (I wanted it to be a realistic game, don't judge me) but victory was mine. Whether or not Flanksteak 'let' me win is debatable but we'll never know because I am going to take this opportunity to announce my retirement. That's right, I'm going out on top. I'd like to thank Wheels for letting me play, Lil' J for cheering me on and Vitamin Water for their tasty low calorie orange beverage. I couldn't have done it without any of you!


Jen said...

I didn't know anyone in our family "let" anyone win anything.

Your girls are seriously adorable. Toddler beds are overrated. Just keep her caged in indefinitely.

Mindy said...

I love it when I find the pictures my kids have taken. Adults always try to make photos look perfect. Kids definitely give a more realistic view of home life, like when we are "scratching" and stuff.
Your girls are fans of Mary Poppins and therefore I am fans of your girls. By the way, Greg says now you can have 2 boys. It's what all the cool mate drinkers do.

Corbie said...

Best week in review EVER! I laughed at least as many times as Flanksteak has kicked your butt at a sport-related video-game. Oh, and I'm glad it was your nose you were 'scratching'...I watched the slideshow with one eye closed because I was anticipating something else.

flanksteak said...

Hey Homer Simpson. You shouldn't have said you were retiring. Now Erin is going to hold us to that you dumb s---. You know she reads this at work!

kg said...

Jen - I should probably rephrase my statement. I would 'let' Flanksteak win a few games (we'd play a best of 7) in order to keep him coming back for more but I'd never give him the series. True Skogs would never do that.

Mindy - Tell Greg that my mate isn't working because I don't think my boys are capable of producing boys. Good thing Wheels and I have perfected the art of adorable girls.

Corbie - Glad I could provide you with some much needed laughs. Now go scratch yourself.

Flanksteak - Tell Mrs. Flanksteak that I intend on being the Brett Favre of NBA Live.