Friday, June 5, 2009

News and Whimsy


Don't forget that today is National Donut Day. I wish it were Winchell's but a free Krispy Kreme will have to do.

Other freebies - tomorrow is 'Free Fish Day' in Utah so celebrate with a free tasty fish taco from Rubios.


Even though Pixar movies are usually quite good, even for adults, here is a list of things to keep parents busy while watching Up! if you are bored by cartoons.

In honor of Will Ferrell's new movie that comes out today, here is a list of his top 25 characters.

And finally, a youtube clip that I promise does not involve a redheaded singer or a keyboard playing cat. It was submitted by Vanwarmer and made Wheels and I laugh.


Kim said...

That clip is hysterical. Where do these people come from and how do I get an ounce of their creative genius?

Mindy said...

Thanks KG. Not only can I have yummy doughnut but I can laugh off the calories with that video.

"What the effin' crap?"
"Mullet with headlights"

brohammas said...

You just wasted about three hours of my time...
I would think of something witty to say but I don't have time, Im headed back to Youtube and all those other videos.

Corbie said...

Total Eclipse of the Heart is a top 50 song for me and I'm pretty sure you just ruined it...I can't get that terrible rendition out of my mind (but the dangling balls part was really funny).